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Partnership Dialogue 4 - Making fisheries sustainable


More than 3 billion people rely on fish for an important source of animal protein, and 300 million people rely on marine fisheries for their livelihoods. In developing and developed countries alike, the consumption of fish is increasing both per capita and in absolute terms.


  • H.E. Mr. Dominic LeBlanc, Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard, Canada
  • H.E. Mr. Oumar Gueye, Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, Senegal


  • Mr. Anthony Long, IUU fishing , PEW Charitable Trust


  • Mr. Karl Brauner, Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization
  • Mr. Arni Mathiesen, Assistant Director General , Food and Agricultural Organization of the
  • United Nations
  • Ms. Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly, Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium, US
  • Mr. Milton Haughton, Caribbean Regional Fisheries Mechanism (CRFM)

Registered List of Participants


First preference (speaking slot guaranteed)

  • Chile (M)
  • Gabon (M)
  • Somalia (M)
  • Thailand (M)
  • Vanuatu (M)
  • Republic of Korea (VM)
  • Spain (VM level)
  • Norway (CD)
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis (CD)

Second preference (possible speaking slot)

  • Marshall Islands (HS)
  • Micronesia (Federated States of) (HS)
  • Tuvalu (HG)
  • Iceland (M)
  • Jamaica (M)
  • Maldives (M)
  • Peru (M)
  • Solomon Islands (M)
  • Sweden (M)
  • Algeria (CD)
  • Indonesia (CD)
  • Panama (CD)
  • Papua New Guinea (CD)
  • Philippines (CD)

Other participants and observers

  • International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
  • International Criminal Police Organization
  • Pacific Islands Forum Fisheries Agency
  • Economic Commission for Europe
  • International Labour Organization
  • Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity
  • United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
  • United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization
  • United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime
  • World Bank
  • Business and Industry Major Group
  • Business and Industry Major Group
  • Comunidad y Biodiversidad A.C.
  • Friends of Marine life
  • Marine Stewardship Council
  • Naturskyddsforeningen (The Swedish Society For nature Conservation)
Biographies (alphabetical order)
Mr. Anthony (Tony) Long
IUU fishing , PEW Charitable Trust
Mr. Anthony (Tony) Long

IUU fishing , PEW Charitable Trust

Tony Long directs Pew’s work to end illegal fishing and joined the Trusts after 27 years in the British Royal Navy, where he reached the rank of commander. He most recently served on the First Sea Lord’s strategy team, providing executive- and ministerial-level defence planning and policy support to the head of the Navy, his executive board, and government ministers. He also acted as the High North (Arctic) lead adviser, responsible for researching and understanding maritime security issues that arise from environmental changes in the Arctic region.
Long has commanded a mine-hunter (HMS Blyth) and a frigate (HMS Monmouth) and spent a great deal of time deployed at sea, including patrols in the North and South Atlantic, Persian Gulf, Indian Ocean, and the Far East. He has taught at the UK Defence Academy and overseen the strategic alignment of the rules of engagement and use of force guidance for the U.S., NATO, and EU commands.
Long is a proven leader and team builder. He has a thorough understanding of marine law enforcement, laws of the sea, high seas vessel traffic, port operations, maritime security, and global geopolitics.
He holds a master’s degree in defence studies from Kings College London.

Mr. Karl Brauner
Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization
Mr. Karl Brauner

Deputy Director-General, World Trade Organization

Karl Brauner has been Deputy Director-General of the WTO since 2013. Prior to that, he held the position of Director General for external economic policy in the German Federal Ministry of Economics in Berlin. During that time, he was Germany’s member in the European Union’s Trade Policy Committee taking part in all WTO ministerial conferences since the launch of the Doha Development Agenda.
He is a lawyer by profession, with degrees from Germany and the United Kingdom (Cambridge). After working as Assistant Professor at the University of Bielefeld and practising law, he started his career in the legal department of the Federal Ministry of Economics in Bonn in 1983. In 1986-87, he worked at the German Mission to the United Nations in New York. Further postings abroad were in Athens and Sydney.
At the Ministry of Economics in Berlin, his responsibilities covered a range of issues, such as budget, human resources and general administration. He was in charge of cabinet and parliamentary matters and was also involved in the move of the Government from Bonn to Berlin.
As Director General he administered for 12 years all the instruments of export promotion and was also in charge of export controls. His portfolio also comprised all bilateral economic relations outside the EU.

Ms. Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly
Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium, US
Ms. Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly

Director, Monterey Bay Aquarium, US

Jennifer oversees Monterey Bay Aquarium’s activities in support of sustainable fisheries and aquaculture on a global scale, working with a range of stakeholders to drive improvements in environmental performance, social responsibility and management. This includes the respected Seafood Watch program, which engages and empowers North American consumers and businesses to support ocean-friendly fisheries and aquaculture through their purchasing decisions.
Jennifer has over 20 years of experience in sustainable fisheries and currently serves in a leadership capacity driving greater collaboration among the NGO community. As such, she is a Steering Committee member of the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions, Chair of the Environmental Stakeholder Committee for the International Seafood Sustainability Foundation, a Steering Committee member of the Certification and Ratings Collaboration, is a member of the Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation’s Oceans and Seafood Markets Initiative Advisory Committee, and participated in the Global Sustainable Seafood Initiative Expert Working Group.
Jennifer has previously served as program manager for the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and as a Senior Conservation Associate for New England Aquarium. She has also worked for American Oceans Campaign (Oceana) and Environmental Media Services.
Jennifer earned a Master of Science degree in environmental sciences from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science in education from Florida State University.

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