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Protection of Groupers and Coral Trouts Spawning Aggregation Sites across Fijian Reef Systems
by Fiji (Ministry of Fisheries, Government of Fiji) (Government)
Fiji and Fijians have a long and close relationship with the sea for food, livelihoods, including tourism, and cultural tradition. Our coastal (or inshore), fisheries resources, in particular, are important to Fijian communities , but yet are facing increasing pressures from both domestic and international markets. Among the most desirable and, hence, valuable of the fish resources are the groupers (Family: Epinephelidae). Groupers are very vulnerable to overfishing because of their biology and, in particular, their predictable annual spawning (breeding) aggregation behavior. These reef fish species are urgently in need of special attention if these valuable grouper resources are to be sustained; and this fisheries are not well documented and, being unmanaged, are clearly declining. This problem has intensified with the development of international markets for chilled grouper.

Fiji seeks to sustainably manage its grouper resources by monitoring these fisheries, protecting spawning aggregations sites, as well as applying seasonal and spatial management measures, and by prioritizing domestic needs over international trade.
Progress reports
01 January, 2017
Protection of key spawning sites using marine protected areas (MPAs). A focus on prioritizing domestic needs over export trade will be the first of its kind in the Pacific region.
01 June - 31 September 2017
Seasonal protection from fishing and sales during the main spawning season (June to September each year).
In-kind contribution
Funding sources to be mobilized from within the Fiji Government (tthrough the Ministry of Fisheries and other Government Agencies), as well as from potential external donors
Basic information
Time-frame: 15 March, 2017 - 31 September, 2020
Ministry of Fisheries, Fiji (Govt), Society for the Conservation of Reef Fish Aggregations (NGO), World Conervation Society (NGO), Fiji Locally Managed Marine Areas Network (NGO), World Wildlife Fund for Nature (NGO), University of the South Pacific (Academia), Sea Web (NGO).
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Fijian Local Communities, AND Local Non-Government Organisations
Contact information
Aisake Batibasaga, Director- Research, Assessment, Development and Conservation, abatibasaga@gmail.com, 679 3301611
Suva, Fiji
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