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Coral Reef Bleaching Alert Dashboard
by Wgdesign (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
Coral reef alert system is a dashboard that reviews incoming ocean data and determines the probability of a coral reef warning event. The dashboard will alert users to a higher risk level. This will enable area personnel to gather vulnerable species, quarantine acidificated areas, and eventually apply zoopharmacologic medications.

Treatments and further studies in coral reef sustainability and regrowth are presently investigated.
In the last two years since this concept introduction many hopeful possible solutions for revitalizing bleached coral areas are under discussion and development. Wgdesign dashboard will assist further research and community early alert and monitoring. Provide employment for several underrepresented groups.
Progress reports
Dashboard and early analysis for Hawaiian Islands application
Advanced early warning multiple regions mapping
Species and coral survival areas development
Staff / Technical expertise
Esri mapping dashboard development
Staff / Technical expertise
Research into other bleaching factors such as plastic pollutions
Staff / Technical expertise
Species relocation for coral reef rebuilding
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Time-frame: May/2015 - December/2015
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Inhabitants, indigenous people and Island states food security and safe shelter depends on species survival and safe storm protection. Coral reefs act as a strong protection to coastal areas when healthy.
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Jean Winget, Owner, Wings123@hotmail.com,
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