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OA Alliance Commitment to Combating Ocean Acidification
by International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (Partnership)
The International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (Alliance) is a network of governments and affiliate (NGOs, universities, businesses, and associations) members responding to the threats of ocean acidification and changing ocean conditions.

The Alliance will build a coalition of 60+ governments and affiliate members who are committed to taking actions to combat ocean acidification, both within their region and globally.

Alliance members will take meaningful actions within their jurisdiction, as allowed by their existing capacity, to develop Ocean Acidification Action Plans. The Action Plans will assist in the implementation of UN SDG 14.3 by advancing the five goals identified in the Alliance Call to Action:

1. Advance scientific understanding of ocean acidification.
2. Take meaningful actions to reduce causes of acidification.
3. Protect the environment and coastal communities from impacts of a changing ocean.
4. Expand public awareness and understanding of acidification.
5. Build sustained support for addressing this global problem.

The Alliance will work to elevate ocean health, ocean acidification and other changing ocean conditions in future climate agreements, acknowledging the critical ecological and economic impacts of a changing ocean and the linkage to action that address those impacts.
Progress reports
Minimize and address the impacts of ocean acidification, including through enhanced scientific cooperation at all levels
Type of commitment
  • CO2 emission reductions (energy efficiency, renewable energy, etc.)
  • Adaptation to more acidic ocean conditions
  • Scientific research and cooperation to address ocean acidification knowledge gaps
June 2018
Deliverable 1: Increase OA Alliance to 60 government and affiliate members ---Date of completion: 6/2018
June 2019
Deliverable 2: Support the development of 15 Ocean Acidification Action Plans --- Date of completion: 6/2019
Other, please specify
Private foundation support and resources are being mobilized.
Staff / Technical expertise
The OA Alliance has created an OA Action Plan toolkit and addition supporting materials to guide members in the creation of their own unique OA Action Plans.
Staff / Technical expertise
The OA Alliance offers staff and technical support to its members, including access to experts across the U.S. and Canadian West Coast and internationally who can help provide detailed information and applicable resources for interested members.
Basic information
Time-frame: June 2017 - June 2019
The International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification. Membership Includes: The Province of British Columbia (provincial government) The State of California (state government) The Republic of Chile (national government) Cross River State, Nigeria (state government) The French Republic (national government) City of Imperial Beach, California (state government) The State of New York (state government) The State of Oregon (state government) The Province of Quebec (provincial government) Quileute Nation (tribal government) Quinault Indian Nation (tribal government) The Suquamish Tribe (tribal government) The City of Vancouver, Canada (city government) The State of Washington (state government) Association Mongasque sur lAcidification des Ocans (AMAO) (association) California CoastKeeper Alliance (association) California Ocean Science Trust (academic) Center for Ocean Solutions (academic) Hakai Institute (academic) Hog Island Oyster Co. (private business) Intake Works LLC (private business) Joint Ocean Commission Initiative (association) Marine Stewardship Council (association) Monterey Bay Aquarium (private sector) The Nature Conservancy (NGO) Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission (association) Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) (NGO) Ocean Networks Canada (association) Ocean Conservancy (NGO) Ocean Sanctuaries (association) Pacific Coast Shellfish Growers Association (PCSGA) (association) Scripps Institution of Oceanography (academic) Surfrider Foundation (association) Taylor Shellfish Farms (private business) Vigilent (private business) We Mean Business (private business) Washington Ocean Acidification Center (academic) World Wildlife Fund (WWF) (NGO)
Ocean Basins
  • Global
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Contact information
Jessie Turner, OA Alliance Coordinator, Jessie@OAalliance.org, 360-786-5044
Olympia, Washington- United States
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