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Developing Multi Stakeholders Alliances to Achieve SDG 14 by 2030 Through Education, Advocacy and the Promotion of Public Policies to Protect our oceans
by The Millennials Movement (Civil society organization)
The Millennials Movement is a youth lead organization that promotes local sustainable development through citizen empowerment in the belief that there is a "Molecular Approach" regarding development. This means that each action that each individual takes each day can contribute or not with the development of their communities. In this regard, our commitment "Developing Multi Stakeholders Alliances to Achieve SDG 14 by 2030 Through Education, Advocacy and the Promotion of Public Policies to Protect our oceans" is focusing on raising awareness within multi stakeholders regarding the importance of the ocean for the country sustainable development and what is needed is to take concrete actions to protect it.

The actions will be delivered with different audiences such schools students, local communities, universities, private sector, CSOs and other actors including local and national government, and will promote the articulation of the actors in a national alliance to protect our oceans. This actions will include:

- Sensitization workshops in public and private schools where students with the support of the school authorities will make institutional commitment to protect our oceans in alliance with the United Nations Information Center of Peru - CINU Lima.
- Promotion and facilitation of beach cleaning campaigns.
- Facilitation of experts dialogues to understand the problematic, challenges and also opportunities of the Pacific Ocean for our country.
- Facilitation of educational and sensitization descentralizad spaces.
- Facilitation of national consultations regarding the implementation of the SDG14 to provide statistical data to local and national decision makers.
Use of ICTs to raise awareness regarding the Ocean Conference and its importance to promote a global movement to protect our oceans.

Progress reports
August 2017
Call to action for our oceans conference report
December 2017
Schools Workshops Report in alliance with
December 2018
Sensitization campaign report
December 2018
Commitment report with the results of the civil consultation regarding the implementation of the SDG14
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Time-frame: March / 2017 - December 2018
The Millennials Movement (Civil Society Organization) United Nations Information Center UNIC - LIMA (United Nations Entity) The World We Want (partnership)
Ocean Basins
  • South Pacific
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Public and private schools. CSOs Local and National Government
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Rosario del Pilar Diaz Garavito, Executive Director, themillennialsmovement@gmail.com, + 51 974606827
Lima, Peru
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