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Cleanup of Itaquitanduva beach
by Aborigenes Institute (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
Itaquitanduva beach is located inside of State Park called Xixova Japui and the acces must to be done by trail only, making this beach with hundred percent of nature life. This area must to be protect by State Park but marine currents are dificult to be stoped of bring plastics and other materials, and the group Itaquitanduva Aborigenes created by local surfers do periodic cleanups by themselfs reducing this impact of marine life.

Per year the group organize around four cleanups on this beach and last one was organized on last (april/17), the cleanup count with around hundred people and took from the beach and coastal area 354 kg of solid waste. Plastic bottles was 42% of the total and microplastics 22%, this beach cleanup of the Aborigenes's took out 225 kg of plastic stopping return to oceans.

The surfers group exhist since 1995 and always have helped other organizations that made cleanup ain that beach, but we noted the increase of demand for solid waste that marine currents brings every days and we decided to organize ours cleanups too. Our cleanups have started around two years ago and since we started the group always try to do some diffent action in order to improve de cleanup and the last one was a new plastic crusher in order to reduce volume and make rental of recicle plastic companies because this is a primary process that they use.

Our cleanup framework is asked for other beachs and the State Park local and some workers of Sao Vicente town hall, but nobody offer a real offer to work together up to now and make our framework a model to be use in other beachs and reduce a lot this impact.

Our program name is called "LESS A TON", because we believe save a lot of species an each 1000 kg taken out this solid waste from the oceans.

We will always celebrate each LESS A TON that we catch up.
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By 2020, conserve at least 10 per cent of coastal and marine areas, consistent with national and international law and based on the best available scientific information
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  • Multiple use marine protected area
Cleanup beach of Itaquitanduva beach
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Time-frame: 04/17 - 04/17
Aborigenes Institute is a group created by surfers friends that is building a different model of cleanup beach.
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Alexandre Castro, Cleanup of Itaquitanduva beach, alexandre.pena@hotmail.com,
Sao Vicente, Sao Paulo, Brazil
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