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Belize Model For Sustainable Small-Scale Fisheries Management
by Belize Fisheries Department (Government)
Belize's Voluntary Commitments grouped under three main themes

1. Promote and improve the legal framework for the management of fisheries / marine resources in Belize in consultation with stakeholders. a) Endorsement and implementation of new Fisheries Bill
b) Development and implementation of national fisheries policy
c) Update the Coastal Zone Management Amendment Act and Regulations
d) Implement an Integrated Coastal Zone Management Plan (ICZM)
e) Development and implementation of a national / sub regional strategy to effectively combat IUU fishing

2. Promote measures to improve management and resiliency of fisheries / marine resources.
a) Develop and implement adaptive management plans for Queen conch, Caribbean spiny lobster & finfish
b) Expansion of replenishment zone from 3% to 10% of national waters
c) Adopt and implement FAO Voluntary Guidelines for sustainable small-scale fisheries
d) Set catch limits for Caribbean spiny lobster
e) Develop a climate resilience strategy for coastal zone

3. Increase economic benefits to fishers through the sustainable management of fisheries resources in Belize
a) Support the adoption of a fisheries sustainability certification program (e.g. Fish Right, Eat Right)
b) Develop new fisheries products/value added products
c) Support access to new and higher value markets
d) Develop policy for sustainable seaweed aquaculture
e) Develop and implement best practices for sustainable seaweed farming
Progress reports
December 2018
New Fisheries Bill
December 2018
National Fisheries Policy
December 2018
FAO Voluntary Guidelines for sustainable small-scale fisheries implemented
December 2020
Replenishment Zones to comprise 10% of national waters
Financing (in USD)
20,000 USD
Financing (in USD)
30,000 USD
In-kind contribution
Draft Fisheries Bill is ready
In-kind contribution
National Consultations for Replenishment Zone expansion has been completed
Basic information
Time-frame: June 2017 - December 2020
Belize Fisheries Department (Government), United Nations Development Programme (United Nations entity), Environmental Defense Fund (Non-governmental organization), Wildlife Conservation Society (Non-governmental organization), The Nature Conservancy (Non-governmental organization) and Belize fishers (Private sector)
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Contact information
Mauro Gongora, Fisheries Officer, mauro.gongora@fisheries.gov.bz, +501 2244552
Belize City, Belize
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