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Develop a marine spatial plan for Seychelles' Exclusive Economic Zone
by Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (Government)
The Seychelles Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Initiative is a process focused on planning for and management of the sustainable and long-term use and health of the Seychelles Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The EEZ encompasses 1,374,000 km2 of ocean and 115 islands. The MSP Initiative is a Government-led process, with planning and facilitation managed by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and TNC Canada in partnership with Government of Seychelles UNDP GEF Programme Coordinating Unit (PCU). Funding for the MSP is being provided to Government of Seychelles and The Nature Conservancy through a number of private grants, and the MSP is connected to the Seychelles Conservation and Climate Adaptation Trust, SeyCCAT.

Seychelles is a Small Island Developing State (SIDS) in the Indian Ocean, and the MSP is a significant commitment by Seychelles to reaching SDG Goal 14 and its components. The Seychelles MSP began in 2014 and will be completed in 2020.The MSP Initiative is an integrated, multi-sector process that is using an ecosystem-based framework to improve ocean management in Seychelles and address three main objectives: expand marine protected areas from 0.04 percent to 30 percent of the EEZ (from 550 km to 400,000 km2), to develop the Blue Economy, and to address climate change adaptation. The process includes input from all major sectors including commercial fishing, tourism and marine charters, biodiversity conservation, renewable energy, port authority, maritime safety, and non-renewable resources in order to develop a comprehensive marine plan and zoning design for existing and future uses of the ocean in Seychelles. The MSP will be implemented and be regulatory upon completion by developing a new Seychelles MSP Policy, an implementation plan, governance and legal frameworks supported by management plans, legislation and regulations.

The marine spatial plan aims to improve vital parts of life in the Seychellescare of marine resources for conservation and sustainable uses; integrated decision-making for development and permitting; security for local livelihoods; and planning for future generations.
Progress reports
December 2020
Phase 2: 200,000 km2 of marine protected areas in High Biodiversity and Medium Biodiversity - Sustainable Use Zones, plus remaining EEZ in Multiple Use Economic Zones
December 2020
Seychelles National Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) Policy and Legislation
December 2020
Seychelles Marine Spatial Plan (MSP) Implementation Plan and Governance Arrangements
June 2018
Phase 1: 200,000 km2 of marine protected areas identified for High Biodiversity and Medium Biodiversity - Sustainable Use Zones
In-kind contribution
$400,000 per year financing from The Nature Conservancy
Staff / Technical expertise
MSP Executive Committee (16 members); MSP Steering Committee (22 members); Technical Working Groups (40+ members); government staff; NGOs, marine sectors
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Partnership and synergies with ongoing GOS-UNDP-GEF, World Bank projects, EU projects, and others
Staff / Technical expertise
The Nature Conservancy staff and consultants
Basic information
Time-frame: February 2014 - December 2020
Office of the Vice-President (government), Department of Blue Economy (government), Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change (government), Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture (government), Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports & Marine (government), Seychelles Fishing Authority (government), Seychelles National Park Authority (government), Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration (government), Seychelles Coast Guard (government), PetroSeychelles (government), Island Development Corporation (government), The Nature Conservancy (NGO partner), TNC Canada (NGO partner), Government of Seychelles - United Nations Development Programme - Global Environment Facility (government NGO), and many others.
Ocean Basins
  • Indian Ocean
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Contact information
Alain de Comarmond, Principal Secretary Environment, adecommarmond@gov.sc, +248 4670512
Mont Fleuri, Mah, Seychelles
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