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by Oceano Azul Foundation (Philanthropic organization)
This voluntary commitment assures the support by Oceano Azul Foundation/Oceanrio de Lisboa to the work of WWF Mediterrneo - Portugal on Marine Protected Areas and the co-management fisheries.
The co-management fisheries work is focused on Barnacle catch in Berlengas, which is located in one of the most important fishing grounds in Portugal: the Peniche-Nazar axis. The project aims to implement a co-management committee. This will enhance the possibility of long-term sustainable fishing in a healthy sea while meeting the other requirements for fisheries in the European Union and environmental legislation. This is a demonstration project that, if, successful, can be scaled-up at the national level and also be of interest for other regions in particular developing states and small island developing states (SIDS).
A synthesis of existing types of MPAs and management approaches, as well as the potential ecosystem services within MPAs is central as a starting point to the work on Marine Protected Areas. Recommendations and awareness arising from this analysis are expected to contribute to incentivize/pressure government and decision makers towards MPA efficiency. The project has the following objectives:
i) Synthesis of the profile of the new MPAs, having in mind stakeholders engagement, management approaches and the government commitment;
ii) Identification of the main potential ecosystem services of each MPA, as the recognition of services that are under regulated protection will likely contribute to raise awareness for effective protection;
iii) Assess the best governance model for managing the MPAs: offshore and coastal;
iv) Identify main issues and suggest possible approaches towards MPA effectiveness based on the understanding of Portuguese MPA situation and the expertise of WWF Med in MPAs
Progress reports
December 2016
Technical Report on the MPAs in Portugal
July 2017
Delimitation of the legal framework of the Co-management Committee
March 2017
Roadmap for MPAs in Portugal (including recommendations with best approaches when planning, designing and implementing MPAs in order to achieve MPA effectiveness)
November 2017
Development of a plan for the Co-management Committee (including the areas of valuation, communication, monitoring, inspection and training)
Financing (in USD)
33,000 USD
Basic information
Time-frame: November 2016 - December 2017
WWF Mediterraneo - Portugal (Non-governmental organization (NGO): beneficiary Oceanrio de Lisboa (Private sector): partner Oceano Azul Foundation (Philanthropic organization): lead entity
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Silvia Ventura, Ms., sventura@oceanoazulfoundation.org,
Lisboa, Portugal
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