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I am Water Drop: An Educational and Inspirational Movement For Changing the Way We Think About Water and the Oceans
by Our Humanity Matters (Private sector)
I am deeply committed to creating a collective shift in how we relate to, use and understand water and reconnect with the rest of nature; promoting sacredness and the fragility of water and the ecosystem that it supports; advocating for the rights to clean water for all human beings as well as all other life forms; offering the use of natural materials as the alternative to plastic; and initiating and supporting water education and water restoration projects.

To this end, I created I am Water Drop, a glass, water-drop shaped reusable bottle that is the first step in a water-education campaign designed to help reduce our carbon footprint, eliminate the use of plastics, and change the unhealthy practices associated with water privatization and which have been supporting damages to our environment.

My focus is consumers and the public sphere where sales pitches created by the current bottled water market are promoting separation from the rest of nature and supporting unsustainable practices. I am Water Drop will be offered in the upscale, health and socially/environmentally conscious market (specifically the hospitality industry) to replace the bottled water most often consumed by this market. Its beautiful water-drop design will evoke our primordial connection to water, while the glass material and shape (which is natural to water), along with grassroots marketing and educational materials, will promote fragility and the importance of protecting clean water.

We will strategically distribute the bottle as a mission-driven and water-community building product, where we can educate consumers and retailers/staff so they serve as water ambassadors. Furthermore, our unique business model will offer water education and restoration projects that have a deep and holistic ecological mission, with sacredness and importance of water at its heart, an opportunity to invest in themselves by investing in a limited production of the bottle. By creating an alternative option to bottled water and utilizing a unique social business model and 100% natural materials, along with education, we would set an example of responsible practices that respect water and build a community that aligns with the mission of protecting and healing all our waters, including oceans and rivers.

By teaching sacredness and the fragility of water while offering a sustainable product that is created with integrity and respect for water, we will change our perception about the way we relate to water. I hope that I am Water Drop will come to be recognized as a global symbol for water consciousness and acknowledgement of our interconnectivity and responsibility to each other and the rest of nature.

Under the auspices of the water education campaign, I plan to bring a better understanding of the sacredness of water into the political, cultural and economic discussion. Our events will engage a cross-discipline of business professionals, policy makers, scientists, engineers, activists, indigenous leaders and more to to help create long-lasting sustainable solutions.

In short, the bottle and campaign will serve to inspire new thinking; educate about and advocate for water; support water restoration, and promote business/product responsibility.
Progress reports
By 2025, prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities, including marine debris and nutrient pollution
Type of commitment
  • Other (please specify): building sensitivity through specific kinds of education and providing alternative materials
2018 - 2019
I will partner with the hospitality industry to educate, inspire and promote the importance of ​respect for and our connection with water
2018 - 2021
I will launch an educational ​and ​inspirational Water Campaign
2019 forward
I will support water projects that include the moral​ and spiritual aspect of water ecology
late 2017
I intend to produce a glass, r​eusable, iconic water-drop shaped bottle to help support and fund water-related projects
Other, please specify
at least 30% (flexible) sales from the bottle will be contributed to funding and/or supporting water related projects.
Basic information
Time-frame: late 2017 - ongoing
Our Humanity Matters (Lead Entity - Private Sector)
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Tanja Andrejasic Wechsler, Founder, tanja@ourhumanitymatters.com, cell: 646-457-7889 or phone: 212-828-2552
New York, NY USA
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