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Combatting Human Rights Abuses in Fishing Industry
by Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries (Government)
Indonesia commits to protect human rights of workers in fishing industry and to provide them with decent and healthy working environment, as well as opportunity to increase their economy
Progress reports
By 2020, prohibit certain forms of fisheries subsidies which contribute to overcapacity and overfishing, eliminate subsidies that contribute to illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and refrain from introducing new such subsidies, recognizing that appropriate and effective special and differential treatment for developing and least developed countries should be an integral part of the World Trade Organization fisheries subsidies negotiation
Type of commitment
Provide access for small-scale artisanal fishers to marine resources and markets
Type of commitment
  • Legal/policy/institutional measures
MMAF establised government regulation on Fishermen Human Rights protection
Other, please specify
MMAF State Budget
Other, please specify
Other financial resources available according to the relevant rule of law
Basic information
Time-frame: 2017 - 2019
International and national human rights bodies.
Ocean Basins
  • Global
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Contact information
Djoko Arye, Head of Cooperation Section for Directorate of Captured Fisheries, multilateralmmaf@gmail.com,
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