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Capacity Building in support of the Ocean Economy
by University of Mauritius (Academic institution)
To develop and offer programmes at undergraduate and postgraduate levels in order to support the development of the ocean economy in the country and to undertake research in this sector in order to support development of innovative approaches and products.
The overall aim of the project is to provide the man power required to support existing and upcoming areas of developments to support the vision of the Government to making the ocean economy the next economic pillar of the country. The project aims at providing training and conducting research in a number of fields such as Fisheries & Aquaculture, Seafood Processing, Marine Trade and Finance, Marine Engineering and Shipping, amongst others.

The following gives the specific objective of each component of the project:

Component 1: Training
The objective of this component is to develop training in several areas that will support developments in the ocean economy sectors. The fields of study will be in line with the developments ongoing in the sector. The training will be offered at several levels; Diploma/Degree/Masters and even up to PhD and also as lifelong learning programmes, in the form of short professional development courses. The training programmes are targeted to both the semi-skilled, skilled and full skilled workforce. Based upon our experience, we expect to train at least 15 professionals every year.

Component 2: Research
Research will be an integral part of the capacity building process. Research will be undertaken as part of the full-fledged programmes and also as more in-depth research studies. The focus will be on research for, improving our understanding on the performance of coastal and marine ecosystems; providing solutions to address the impacts of climate change on this fragile ecosystems; promoting innovative ideas; for promoting ideas which can be turned into a product, for promoting new ways of doing business (Aquaponics) to promote alternative livelihoods and for supporting decision making in the field of ocean economy

Implementation methodologies
Capacity building and research form part of the core mandate of the University and as the oldest university we have always responded to the needs of the country and supported economic sectors for the country. For this emerging ocean economy, we plan to work in close collaboration with stakeholders to identify training needs at different levels.

Progress reports
July 2019
BSc(Hons) Geomatics (3years Full Time Programme) - First batch of Graduates
July 2019 & July2020
BSc(Hons) Marine Environmental Sciences (3years Full time Programme) - First Batch of Graduates & Second batch of Graduates respectively
July 2021
BSc(Hons) Marine Technologies (3Years Full Time Programme) - First batch of Graduates
September 2017
MSc Coastal and Ocean Management (2 years Part Time Programme) - Postgraduate batch
Financing (in USD)
50,000 USD
Staff / Technical expertise
Academics specialised in Marine Science, IT, Coastal Resource Management and in Marine Technologies
In-kind contribution
Delivery of these programmes to address new areas of the ocean economy will involve much input in networking and in securing the student's visibility at national level, and this will be achieved through securing work placement for the students.
Other, please specify
The collaboration of key stakedholders in the servicing of modules on a part time basis and in supporting research of staff and students will be encouraged.
Basic information
Time-frame: August 2017 - November 2030
University of Mauritius (lead entity), Mauritius Oceanography Institute, Albion Fisheries Research Centre (Government), National Coast Guard (Government), University of Mauritius (Government), Ministry of Social Security, National Solidarity, and Environment and Sustainable Development (Environment and Sustainable Development Division), Ministry of Housing and Lands
Ocean Basins
  • Indian Ocean
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Other nearby small islands located within the Indian Ocean Region
Contact information
Manta Devi Nowbuth, Associate Professor & Dean, Faculty of Ocean Studies, mnowbuth@uom.ac.mu: deanfocs@uom.ac.mu, +23057615757: +2304037622
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