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Technical Support for low-carbon SIDS
by Ludvik Electric (Private sector)
Ludvik Electric met Secretary General Binger one and a half years ago after the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, or COP 21. The challenge SIDS DOCK faced was surpassed by the commitment displayed by the Secretary that day and from all the SIDS the Company has met since.

By transitioning the small island developing states to low-carbon and energy efficient economies the world will realize the unique opportunity to improve energy security and resilience, promote economic growth, reduce emissions, and improve overall human health and social equity.

Based in Denver Colorado, Ludvik Electric is a company with 100 professionals leading a workforce which has been scaled to over 1,000 on previous projects. We are uniquely suited to solve highly technical challenges in both the public and private markets and our experience extends across three continents. We are particularly proud to be a part of the construction and operations and maintenance team at a 250 MW concentrated solar generation plant in Arizona.

As technical advisor to SIDS DOCK and IWON, the Island Womens Open Network, Ludvik Electric pledges 150 hours per quarter to assist both organizations.
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Time-frame: June/2017 - May/2018
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James Ludvik, President, jiml@ludvik.com,
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