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New Caledonia Towards Sustainable Blue Growth
by New-Caledonia Maritime Cluster (CMNC) (Private sector)
The New Caledonia Maritime Cluster, founded august 2014, aims at boosting synergies between economic, environmental, societal and cultural actors in the field of coastal seas and oceans sustainable management.
Main objectives:
i) to promote sustainable Blue Growth in New Caledonia and in the South Pacific, according to the EEC Blue Growth approaches and objectives and to help harmonizing Maritime Public Policies,
ii) to develop technological innovation and transfer in the field of marine observation as to foster maritime surveillance, monitoring and control of the quality of environment (mostly lagoons, corals reefs), of the availability of natural resources and of marine uses sustainability,
iii) to demonstrate the value of new technologies (hybrid engines on boats, Marine Renewable Energies, autonomous sensors, eco-sailing) in reducing human impact and greenhouse gas emissions,
iv) to optimize the communication on marine and maritime affairs between Science, Administrations, Economic Operators, Associations and the Great Public,
v) to promote marine and maritime training, awareness, vocations and eco-responsibility,
vi) to boost marine heritage values in between all the layers of the society
Progress reports
December 2017
results of 14 synergy groups analysis focused on : 1. Ports and Transport Infrastructures, 2. Cruise, 3. Maritime Tourism, 4. Shipbuilding and naval repairs, 5. Marine Data Bases and Marine Spatial Planning, 6. Governance, 7. Marine Technological Platforms, 8. Marine Bio-Ressources Management, 9. Training, 10. Recycling Boat Wrecks and other Sea Waste, 11. Marine Renewable Energies, 12. Maritime Pole of Excellence, 13. Securiy at Sea, 14. Marine and Maritime Heritage,
July 2016
Report on Maritime challenges in New-Caledonia (see http://www.clustermaritime.nc/rapport-de-synthese.html) and setting up of the First Sea and Ocean General States Nouma (see http://www.clustermaritime.nc/actions.html)
July 2017
Organization, every year, of The Sea Day, a general platform for discussion on questions and solutions in the field of economic, scientific, technologic, ethic, and environmental marine challenges as on governance issues. The next to be held in Nouma 12 july 2017
May 2017
General report titled : New-Caledonia and Blue Gold focused on opportunities and stakes in the field of Marine and Maritime Economy and Blue Society (see www.rjpenc.nc)
Financing (in USD)
150,000 USD
Staff / Technical expertise
An Institutional Governance : 5 members of an Executive Office + an Operational Governance : 1 General Manager and 1 General Manager Assistant + an Executive Board : 15 members.
In-kind contribution
community volunteering estimated 80 man-months/year
Basic information
Time-frame: August 2014 - Open ended
78 partners of the cluster originating from private companies, Public administrations and oceanographic research institutes (for details and list see : http://www.clustermaritime.nc/membres-cmnc.html)
Ocean Basins
  • South Pacific
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Other French ultramarine clusters : French Maritime Cluster, Guadeloupe Maritime Cluster, Martinique Maritime Cluster, Runion Maritime Cluster, French Guyana Maritime Cluster, French Polynesia Maritime Cluster, Saint Pierre & Miquelon M
Contact information
LOUBERSAC Lionel, Eng & PhD, Manager of the Cluster, lionel.loubersac@outlook.fr or secretariat@clustermaritime.nc, + 687 76 32 08
C/O Ecole des Mtiers de la Mer, Avenue James Cook, Nouville, BP 10013, 98800 NOUMEA, New-Caledonia
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