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Regional Training Programme on Waste Management and Reduction of Marine Litter
by Singapore (Government)
The Waste Management and Reduction of Marine Litter seminar forms a part of the Singapore-Norway Third Country Training Programme, which provides practical seminars on topical issues for civil servants from the Southeast Asian region. Experienced speakers from Norway, Singapore and other South East Asian countries, whose aim is to share their experiences and facilitate discussion within the field of waste management and marine litter, will conduct the sessions. The UN Environment and private sector representatives will also contribute.

Participants will gain an understanding of the policy frameworks and practices adopted by Singapore and Norway towards waste management and reduction of marine litter. The objective is to engage civil servants from regional coastal states to identify applicable policies and practical ways to reduce the discharge of marine litter.

Topics covered by the course:

Strategies for recovery, recycling and solid waste handling;

Integrated solid waste management system in Singapore;

Control and Management of Hazardous Substances and Toxic Waste; and

Regional and National Action Planning on Marine Little Reduction
Progress reports
October 2017
The course is scheduled to take place in October 2017 and will bring together mid to senior level Southeast Asian officials from the Environment or Planning Ministries with policy responsibility covering the seminar topic, or other relevant public agencies involved in waste management and/or litter reduction in support of the implementation of SDG 14.
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Trainers and consultants from government and external agencies.
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Time-frame: October 2017 - October 2017
Singapore (Government), Norway (Government), UN Environment (United Nations entity), Private Sector
Ocean Basins
  • Indian Ocean
  • North Pacific
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South East Asian countries
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Luke Tang, Mr, reach.luke@gmail.com,
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