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Turkey's Marine Litter Action Plans to Reduce Sea-based and Land-based pollution loads
by Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation (Government)
Turkey commits to conclude Marine Litter Action Plans at the end of 2018 which will be prepared for each province that have a coast on Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea or Sea of Marmara. Action reports under these action plans will include information about the clean-up activities, pollution reduction studies and will be published at the end of each year. The results will be evaluated and minimization of marine litter studies will be executed with the relevant sectors such as plastics, cosmetics, textile etc.
In order to combat marine litter, strong waste management policies as well as reduction, reuse and recycling activities is strongly encouraged by Turkish Government. We aim to reach a recycling rate of 65% for packaging waste and 35% for all recyclable waste by 2023. Starting from 1 January 2019 pricing of plastic bags will be on the agenda.
Turkey will continue its efforts to prevent both land-based and ship-sourced marine litter in line with Marpol 73/78 Convention, Basel Convention, Barcelona Convention and Bucharest Convention.
Progress reports
By 2025, prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities, including marine debris and nutrient pollution
Type of commitment
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Coastal clean-ups
  • Plastics product bans or restrictions
  • Plastics recovery/recycling/reuse
  • Management of ship-based pollution and/or port waste management
December 2018
Marine Litter Action Plans
Staff / Technical expertise
Expertise of the staff working for the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.
Basic information
Time-frame: June 2017 - December 2018
Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation
Ocean Basins
  • Global
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Contact information
Murat Turan, Head of Department, murat.turan@csb.gov.tr, +90 312 586 30 44
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