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Plastic Mining Cooperation is committed to start the Plastic Mining recycling program on all SIDS member states by 2025.
by Plastic Mining Cooperation (Private sector)
Plastic Mining Cooperation (PMC) is committed to providing all SIDS members with our 3-year Plastic Mining Recycling Program.

Our program aims to achieve cooperative partnerships and is based on a circular economic model that provides economic growth while at the same time stops plastic from leaking into the environment.

Our package consists of four parts: (1) an awareness program, (2) an industrial mobile recycling machine, (3) access to our trading platform, and (4) access to our monitoring systems and data.

In association with a local NGO, government, and business partner, we begin with our awareness program to create community engagement. At the same time, we work toward installation and operation of the mobile recycling machine, in association with our local business partner. Our monitoring systems collect data on levels of land- and ocean-based pollution and on biodiversity.

The production capacity of one of our mobile recycling machines is 1000 metric tons of plastic regrind per year. All materials are put in containment to stop it from leaking into the environment and make it easily transportable. The produced plastic regrind can be reused in local initiatives and sold through our Plastic Mining Trading Platform.

For example, the island of Bonaire creates 800 metric tons of plastic waste every year. One mobile recycling machine is sufficient to process and contain their total annual plastic waste stream. The machine is mobile and can also be shared among smaller islands.

The four-part program helps SIDS recycle their plastic waste to create value for the islands through a socially responsible cooperative system. We do all of this to achieve our ultimate goal: stopping plastic pollution in our oceans.
Progress reports
Launch Plastic Mining Fair Trade Label & Trading Platform
Launch Plastic Mining recycling program on 5 SIDS
Installation of Plastic Mining recycling program on all SIDS member states
Launch pilot Plastic Mining recycling program on 1st SIDS member state
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Financial support from corporations and governments
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In-kind support from corporations, universities and foundations
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Technical expertise: Marine biologists, recycling engineers
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Time-frame: June 2017 - March 2025
Veolia (Private Sector), Royal Dutch Kusters Engineering (Private Sector)
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All 57 SIDS member states
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Daniel Poolen, Chief Plastic Officer, Daniel@pmcoop.com, +31637006545
Amsterdam, The netherlands
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