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Maritime Green Team 01
by ZVT (Private sector)
Several investments have already been made and pioneering projects have been, and are, implemented in the maritime transport sector. Shipowners, ports and transport buyers share knowledge and progress. Two of the projects participating in this progress are the voluntary commitments #14975 and #15203.

To take the next step, to make the tipping point, the forerunners higher risk when going through a process of change, has to be shared. One way of doing that is to measure benefits to society when choosing green to find a denominator that focus on the initiative and lesser on which company that is investing. To be able to do this, the University need to align measurement models, both available and those which have to be established, that are linking resources from Financial Instrument (FI) availability and its pricing, together with reductions of fees/dues to actual external benefit (to the climate, environment, sea and society), have to be supported. All perspectives need to be included; ship and technology, infrastructure, regulations, R&D and financing, to continue towards the new normal where green investments are the natural choice.
Progress reports
Explore the possibilities, taking into account existing financial instruments for the Region and financial institutions in the Region, of developing a Baltic Sea financial instrument for risk sharing and guarantee mechanisms, including pricing based on society and sea benefits, together with the public and private sector
Workplan compiled and accepted by Head of Delegations
Establish the GREEN TEAM reporting mechanism and method based on the traffic light idea supporting green development and investments in our vulnerable sea area.
Face to face meeting to agree on responsibilities to each workplan action
In-kind contribution
Financing (in USD)
50,000 USD
Other, please specify
Meeting facilities, travels and reporting
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Time-frame: January 2017 - December 2017
Public Private Partnerships and support HELCOM Maritime, sub-group and CBSS EGMP
Ocean Basins
  • North Atlantic
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Helen Jansson, Strategy & Comm, helen@zerovisiontool.com,
Gothenburg, Sweden
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