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One Pearl Farm in Fiji to review pratices for better sustainability
by Civa (Fiji) Pearls Ltd (Private sector)
Our four key sustainability commitments

We are committed to Pearl Farming Best Practice
We will strive to be a driving force for the sustainable development of our local communities
We aim to achieve long term profitability with long term environmental protection
We will be an educative force for the development of sustainable aquaculture in Fiji

Common Pearl Farming Bad Practices

Bad pearl farming practices adversely affects the environment and brings the pearl farming industry into disrepute.
Bio-fouling pollution chokes the capacity of the lagoons to grow quality oysters for pearl production. Smaller, weaker, disease-prone pearl oysters plague the Pearl industry.

Translocation of pearl oysters seriously threatens lagoons health. Inadequate quarantine procedures spreads disease.
Spat collecting is the process of collecting young oysters for pearl production. Locating spat collection in close proximity to the pearl farm will result in Inbreeding and weak pearl oysters.
Even though the Fijian Pearl Industry is young and very small, bad farming practices have already affected some sectors of Fiji. Fortunately there is still time to turn the tide.
Progress reports
December 2017
Provide technical assistance and training to implement a community based Half Pearl Farm by the end of 2017
December 2018
Convert the remaining outboard fleet from 2 stroke to more environmentally friendly 4 stroke engines by the end of 2018
June 2017
Commence recycling of ALL bio-fouling from pearl oyster cleaning via conversion to organic composted fertilizer for use on organic-certified farmlands
June 2017
Locate all spat collecting grids a minimum distance of 5 nautical miles up current from the pearl farming sites
Financing (in USD)
18,000 USD
Staff / Technical expertise
Mentor, monitor, and train a local community group.
Staff / Technical expertise
Review of farming procedures. In house production.
Staff / Technical expertise
Review of farming procedures. In house production.
Basic information
Time-frame: June 2017 - December 2018
Civa (Fiji) Pearls Ltd ( Pearl Farm company of Fiji) Vanua Trust of Laucala (Traditionnal Fishing Right Owners Legal Representation/ Community based)
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  • South Pacific
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Contact information
Claude MIchel Prevost, Director/shareholder, fijipearls@hotmail.com, +679 935 6168
Vuni Vasa Estate, Taveuni Island, Republic of Fiji
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