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Ocean and climate initiatives alliance
by Ocean and Climate platform (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
Objective :
Federate the initiatives on ocean to integrate the Global Climate Action agenda by :

Bringing together international initiatives on Ocean and Climate
Sharing objectives and jointly valuate results to show the ambition of ocean actions for the implementation of the Paris Agreement
Initiating new initiatives

Determine a common objective : a core objective (quatitative and date) higlighting the cost of inactions

Valuate the Ocean and Climate Initiatives in the main international ocean events

Produce an Ocean and Climate Action Agenda report to follow the progress and the results of Ocean and Climate initiatives for the UNFCCC COP23

Create a website on initiatives and projects with an interactive online hub/tool (per theme, stakeholder, region, activity) integrating existing initiatives

Governance with the different initiatives
Progress reports
November 2017
Ocean and Climate Action Agenda report to follow the progress and the results of Ocean and Climate initiatives for the UNFCCC COP23
November 2017
Website on initiatives and projects with an interactive
Staff / Technical expertise
Team around the alliance
In-kind contribution
Time and resources from initiatives
Basic information
Time-frame: September 2017 - 2020
International Alliance to Combat Ocean Acidification (Pacific Coast Collaborative), The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (IOC-UNESCO, IAEA, OA-ICC, GEO, GOOS, IOCCP), Marine Protected Areas, Climate change sentinels (Marine Protected Areas French Agency), International (Coral Reef Initiative), ICRI, Global Coral Reef Partnership (UNEP), International Blue Carbon Initiative (Conservation International, IUCN, IOC-Unesco) International Partnership for Blue Carbon (Australia), The Global mangrove alliance (TNC, WWF and CI),West Africa Coastal Areas Management Program (World Bank), Climate Risk Early Warning Systems (World Meteorological Organization, World Bank, UNISDR), Sustainable Islands initiative (Conservatoire du Littoral), Ocean, Climate and Human Mobility (International Organization for Migrations), The Africa-World Bank African Development Bank-FAO initiative (World Bank, African Development Bank, FAO), SIDS Lighthouse initiatives (IRENA), Global Renewable Energy Islands Network (IRENA) Small Islands Organisation Initiative (GLISPA, FFEM, MedPan, Mab-UNESCO) Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture facing climate change Initiative: Blue Belt Sponsors: INRH, FAO Low carbon maritime transportation and activities Initiative 1 : Navigating a changing climate Sponsor : PIANC Initiative 2 : Reducing carbon emissions of shipping Sponsor : ICS
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Contact information
Ludovic Frere Escoffier, Coordinator, secretariat@ocean-climate.org, +33 (0)6 98 45 30 68
195 rue Saint-Jacques 75005 Paris - France
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