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Enhance the International Marine Cooperation in Asia Pacific Region
by Department of International Cooperation, State Oceanic Administration, P.R.China (Government)
To continue participate in the cooperation in blue economy, marine spatial planning and marine debris in Asia and Pacific region, we would like to take the following measures: compile the APEC Sustainable Development Report (the 2nd edition)based on the current work, encourage more countries and regions to participate in the blue economy demonstration projects, stock blue economy in Asia-Pacific region, host blue economy forum, strengthen capacity building in marine spatial planning and aquaculture, and encourage to propel relevant progress on marine debris.
Progress reports
December 2020
Complete the compilation of APEC Marine Sustainable Development Report (2nd edition)
December 2020
Host the Blue Economy Forum;
December 2020
Host several training workshop on marine spatial planning and aquaculture
December 2020
Implement programs related to marine debris
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APEC funding
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APEC Marine Sustainable Development Center and various network resources
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Work foundation of Chinas participation in APEC Oceans and Fisheries Working Group
Basic information
Time-frame: NOW - December 2020
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Ocean Basins
  • North Pacific
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Contact information
Dongmei TANG, Director , juliatangsoa@163.com, +86-01068048072
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