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The Incorporation of Ocean Information into the VanuaGIS Platform
by Ministry of Land & Mineral Resources, Fiji (Government)
Vanua GIS Oceans is an outcome of the Fiji Geospatial Information project administered by Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources to provide a centralized repository of spatial datasets from various organizations in Fiji. On 7th June, 2017, a voluntary commitment number 20014 was registered by the ministry whereby a web application was developed to showcase oceanic related information for the purpose of coastal conservation specifically mangroves.

The datasets displayed on this application is hosted on a Spatial Database Engine and is disseminated to users using Arc GIS Online. The application is made available for free and allow users to view numerous GIS datasets, build queries, summarize information, digitize study areas, compute distances and locations, create downloadable maps and overlay their own datasets for analysis. The datasets hosted on this application was made possible by a GIS Working Group and is listed below:

Mr. Vilimone Raqona – Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources (Team Leader)

Ms. Gandercillar Wainiqolo – Institute of Applied Science – University of the South Pacific

Mr. Hans Wendt – International Union for Conservation of Nature

Ms. Carol Chang – Secretariat of the South Pacific Community

Ms. Lia Tuivuya - Ministry of Lands & Mineral Resources

Ms. Lanieta Rokotuiwakaya - Secretariat of the South Pacific Community

This new system will continue to ingest new data while refining existing information areas in consultation with respective data custodians. Vanua GIS Oceans has been deployed across 32 organizations both government and civil societies locally and overseas and has more than 500 users to date. As the product continues to evolve, advanced functionalities and other value added data will be incorporated to aid in national planning and natural resource management
Progress reports
By 2020, sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems to avoid significant adverse impacts, including by strengthening their resilience, and take action for their restoration in order to achieve healthy and productive oceans
Type of commitment
By 2020, effectively regulate harvesting and end overfishing, illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing and destructive fishing practices and implement science-based management plans, in order to restore fish stocks in the shortest time feasible, at least to levels that can produce maximum sustainable yield as determined by their biological characteristics
Type of commitment
By 2020, conserve at least 10 per cent of coastal and marine areas, consistent with national and international law and based on the best available scientific information
Type of commitment
By 2030, increase the economic benefits to Small Island developing States and least developed countries from the sustainable use of marine resources, including through sustainable management of fisheries, aquaculture and tourism
Type of commitment
Enhance the conservation and sustainable use of oceans and their resources by implementing international law as reflected in UNCLOS, which provides the legal framework for the conservation and sustainable use of oceans and their resources, as recalled in paragraph 158 of The Future We Want
Type of commitment
December 2018
1) By 2018, VanuaGIS Oceans will integrate spatial data on EEZ, Reefs, Mangroves, Oil Exploration Sites and Seismic Activities.
December 2018
2) Annually, the online platform will ingest voluntarily contributed ocean related data that could assist ocean management planning and conservation efforts.
In-kind contribution
Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources through Regional and International Donors.
Basic information
Time-frame: July 2017 - July 2018
· Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources - Fiji · International Union for Conservation of Nature · Institute of Applied Science – University of the South Pacific · Secretariat of the South Pacific Community · Ministry of Itaukei Affairs - Fiji · Fiji Hydrographic Office · Ministry of Fisheries - Fiji
Ocean Basins
  • South Pacific
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Developers and private sector partners
Contact information
Mr. Vilimone Koiroko Raqona, Senior Geospatial Officer – Geospatial Division, Ministry of Lands and Mineral Resources, vilimone.raqona@govnet.gov.fj /vilimoneraqona@gmail.com,
Suva, Fiji
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