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Marine Conservation Masterplan - Vizhinjam/Kovalam, India
by Positive Change for Marine Life (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
As part of our Global Programs, Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML) is implementing our Marine Conservation Masterplan in the Kovalam and Vizhinjam regions in India. The plan is being rolled-out by our local full-time team on the ground in India (two international and one local coordinator), with plans to resource the training and employment of local community members to lead each project as the Masterplan develops.

Alongside strong input and leadership from the local community, we will be resourcing and facilitating the following:

1) Improving waste management and the ability to correctly dispose of waste;

2) Providing environmental solutions to assist with the transition away from the collapsing local fishing industry (waterway and reef remediation; fisheries management research (to improve processes); initiatives to mitigate over-exploitation (employment in ghost net collection and marine debris removal as an alternative to fishing);

3) Developing a self-sustaining, locally-led ecotourism industry;

4) Creating and implementing education programs to underpin long-term behavioural change;

5) Providing free training in alternative industries (waste, tourism, pollution and debris retrieval) for the local fishing community;

6) Ensuring fair employment opportunities with an ability to enhance the local economy, whilst improving local living standards.
Progress reports
Implement a long term strategy to clean the Vizhinjam estuary (Gangaya) that flows directly into the ocean, including planting of nitrogen absorbing flora, bank stabilisation, diversion of sewage, reintroduction of mangroves
Commence the 'Keep the Sea Plastic Free' campaign in Kovalam and Vizhinjam, starting with local businesses, tour operators, resorts and hotels going single-use plastic free - providing free of charge alternatives and resources
Implement mobile recycling centres in Vizhinjam Harbour and Lighthouse Beach to mitigate marine pollution/debris
Implement quarterly education and training programs and workshops for the local community in Vizhinjam to address the overwhelming issue of ocean pollution and marine debris
Financing (in USD)
25,000 USD
In-kind contribution
We are committing $5000 of our organisations own small budget to kick-start the project and assist with setting up our Marine Conservation Centre in Kovalam from 04/2018. Also contributing 1000 in-kind volunteer hours to support the project.
Other, please specify
We are sending delegations of 'Global Ambassadors' (scientists, engineers, film makers, journalists) from around the world annually to assist with the project.
Staff / Technical expertise
We have employed 3 staff (2 international, 1 local) to run our office in Kovalam and train other locals to become stewards for the ocean and develop employment opportunities in areas associated to conserving the ocean, rather than exploiting it.
Basic information
Time-frame: April/2018 - April/2023
Positive Change for Marine Life (PCFML) - LEAD ENTITY - NGO Sebastian Social Indian Projects (SISP) - NGO Clean Kerala - NGO Mahatma Fisheries Group - Private Sector Kerala Tourism Authority - Government Corporation of Thiruvananthapuram - Government Kovalam Surf Club - Private Sector
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  • Indian Ocean
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Contact information
Karl Goodsell, Founder / CEO, k.goodsell@pcfml.org.au, 0422756848
Byron Bay, NSW, Australia
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