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Aitutaki Enviroloo GEF SGP Project part of the Keep Aitutaki Clean Programme
by Aitutaki Conservation Trust (Civil society organization)
ACTs Environmentally Friendly Loos (Enviroloos) Project, aims to provide much needed environmentally friendly public toilet facilities for Aitutaki Island in the Cook Islands
Aitutaki is a very small island with approximately 1800 residents. Our small island currently only has two public toilet facilities, both are in a very poor state. One facility is currently unusable.
Aitutaki often expands to over 2500 during our peak tourist seasons. Our island of Aitutaki and our numerous pristine motu (islands) scattered throughout our vast lagoon are used recreationally by both residents and visitors. Activities include weddings, filming, sporting events (kite boarding, sailing, fishing etc.), church gatherings etc. Some events cater for up to 250 persons. Hence our concern and need to try and obtain some environmentally friendly public toilet facilities for these various locations.
Overall the aim of this project is to provide hygienic, environmentally friendly toilet facilities for our community and visitors to our island. By doing so, ACT will:
 reduce the potential risk of pollution caused by human waste to our land and lagoon.
 promote healthy living and to demonstrate the benefits of using waterless, composting toilets to our community.
This project is supported through the Global Environment Facility Small Grants Programme (GEF SGP), hosted by the the Cook Islands Red Cross, implemented by UNDP.
Progress reports
purchase and trial a portable waterless composting toilet (the Enviroloo) to ensure its suitability for our conditions and needs.
purchase and install additional facilities at our most visited motu (namely Tavake (formally known as Honeymoon Island), Maina, Akaiami and Tapuaetai (One Foot Island)); at each Village area in Aitutaki (e.g. Sports field or wharf area)
purchase and install 2 additional Environmentally Friendly Toilet facilities at our most popular beaches; Ootu Beach and Base One.
Financing (in USD)
27,000 USD
In-kind contribution
Staff time and expertise
Basic information
Time-frame: July/2015 - July/2018
GEF SGP, UNDP, Cook Islands Red Cross (CSO) Aitutaki Conservation Trust (CSO), Aitutaki Island Government (Local Government), Cook Islands Tourism (Government Agency)
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Contact information
Trina Armstrong, Ms, help@aitutakiconservation.com,
Aitutaki, Cook Islands
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