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Marine Educational Area Network
by French polynesia governement (Government)
Initiative where school children are directly involved in a citizen action project of local and participatory coastal management and marine environmental protection. The project contributes to conservation of biodiversity, sustainable use of ressources, valorisation of ecosystemic services and sustainable development. Children are sensibilised to environmental issues and are involved in managing the marine area.

There are currently 6 Educational Managed Areas and more sites are in the process of being labeled as Educational Marine Area.

In light of the 6 succeeded Education Managed Areas, seven the other islands will be created in 2017

Progress reports
December 2017
Number of labels delivered to schools operating managed areas
In-kind contribution
One national coordinator, one teacher per class
Basic information
Time-frame: January 2012 - December 2017
Schools Local councils Local communities Direction de l'environnement (Environnement office) Direction des Ressources marines (Fisheries office)
Ocean Basins
  • South Pacific
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Contact information
Sanquer Roland, Marine Educational Area, roland.sanquer@education.fr,
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