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Cleaning the coast of the Persian Gulf
by SGP (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
1. Surveying biological sensitive regions on the coastlines of Persian Gulf on Qeshm Island, Iran

2. Cleaning the coastline from harmful waste

3. Collecting plastics for preservation of turtles, fish, and other marine species

4. Protecting benthos species by preventing pollution of sediments of the sea

5. Identification of the regional biodiversity and estimation of pollution in coastal marine to prevent further pollution

6. Providing placards and brochures to promote importance of preserving the coastal marine regions for the native inhabitants and tourists

7. Holding workshops to discuss the necessity to protect the coastal regions

8. Providing municipal trash cans next to the beach
Progress reports
By 2020, sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems to avoid significant adverse impacts, including by strengthening their resilience, and take action for their restoration in order to achieve healthy and productive oceans
Type of commitment
  • Integrated Coastal Management
Long-term protection of the coastline of the Persian Gulf on Qeshm Island against garbage and harmful waste
In-kind contribution
Donation and help of the volunteered native people and the local organizations.
Basic information
Time-frame: 01/2018 - 01/2023
SGP(NGO) Clean Island, a.k.a. CI (NGO)
Ocean Basins
  • Indian Ocean
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Contact information
Zhima Masoumi, M.S.C., zhima.masoumi@gmail.com, +989361836865
Qeshm, Iran
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