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Polystyrene (Styrofoam) Ban
by The Government of Antigua and Barbuda (Government)
In 2017, the Government of Antigua and Barbuda committed to ban polystyrene within the State. The first phase focuses on the implementation of a ban and phasing out of polystyrene food and beverage containers. The second phase concentrates on polystyrene utensils, egg cartons, and meat and fruit trays; and the third phase specifically looks at polystyrene coolers.

Antigua and Barbuda has also committed to establish community composting facilities for the disposal the government-approved polystyrene alternatives.

A comprehensive awareness campaign will also be conducted throughout all three phases.
Progress reports
By 2025, prevent and significantly reduce marine pollution of all kinds, in particular from land-based activities, including marine debris and nutrient pollution
Type of commitment
  • Plastics product bans or restrictions
Jul 2017
Ban on the importation of polystyrene products
Jul 2017 to Dec 2018
Implementation of a six (6) month phasing out of the circulation of: polystyrene food and beverage containers (July to December 2017); polystyrene utensils, egg cartons, and meat and fruit trays (January to June 2018); and polystyrene coolers
Jul 2017 to Dec 2018
Establishment of composting sites
Jul 2017 to Dec 2018
Public awareness campaign on the ban of polystyrene products
Financing (in USD)
18,000 USD
Staff / Technical expertise
Government officials manage and implement the ban as well as the public awareness campaign
Other, please specify
The Government of Antigua and Barbuda will spend approximately USD18,000 on the management and implementation of the ban, and the public awareness campaign.
Basic information
Time-frame: July 2017 - N/A
The Government of Antigua and Barbuda
Ocean Basins
  • North Atlantic
Beneficiary countries
Antigua and Barbuda
Other beneficaries
Contact information
Diann Black-Layne, Ambassador (Department of Environment, Antigua and Barbuda), antiguaenvironmentdivision@gmail.com; dcblack11@gmail.com; michai.robertson@ab.gov.ag, +1 268 462-4625 or +1 268 562-2568
#1 Victoria Park, Botanical Gardens, St Johns, Antigua
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