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Raise Awareness about the Ocean and Take Action
by Mundus maris - Sciences and Arts for Sustainability asbl (Civil society organization)
1). invite to an open youth contest for Mundus maris Awards around the UN motto of World Oceans Day Our Ocean, Our Future. Focus on three age groups: up to 12 years of age, 13 to 18 years, 19 to 24 years. We received more than 100 submissions (individual and groups) for stories in written or video format from nine countries in four languages. An international jury [http://www.mundusmaris.org/index.php/en/projects/2017/1713-wod17-prepen] picked the winners. All participants and support persons received honorary diplomas to recognize their effort.
2). We organize(d) the following events to mark World Oceans Day and the SDG 14:
1. 4 June, Brussels, Belgium
2. 8 June, Douala and Yaound, Cameroon, together with Bnvoles Ocan
3. 8 June, Cayar, Hann, Mbour, Yoff, Senegal our Mundus maris Club Senegal together with the National Collective of Artisanal Fishers in Senegal (CNPS)
4. 8 June, Victoria Island / Lagos, Nigeria, our Mundus maris FCFMT Lagos Chapter with the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology in Victoria Island
5. 8 June, Akure, Nigeria, our Mundus maris Chapter Akure with FUTA Staff Secondary School in Akure
6. 8 June, Abbassa, Egypt WorldFish Centre event proposed and supported by Mundus maris
7. 8 June, Mombasa, Kenya Eco-Ethics Kenya with support from Mundus maris
8. 9 June, Buenos Aires, Argentina Mundus maris with Universidad de Belgrano
9. such activities will again be carried out in 2018, 2019, ...
3). We got commitments from so far about 25 individuals in Germany and Belgium to avoid plastic, exchange bike against car and various other practical pledges. In Victoria Island, Nigeria, a project with slum dwellers will provide learning for alternative income to fend against poverty and clean up and sanitation of their shoreline habitat.
4). We do participatory action research on marine issues and work on better dissemination and uptake of research results, when possible also in conjunction with artists and using various forms of artistic expression according to the cultural context.
Governance: mobilize our Clubs, Chapters and their close allies and support all joint activities with content, materials and share some of the cost. Reporting is through the www.mundusmaris.org website, monthly newsletters and social media.
Follow-up: monthly newsletters and regular exchange.
Progress reports
06/2017, 06/2018, ..
More than 100 groups and individuals up to 24 years of age from 9 countries participated in the youth contest for Mundus maris Awards. An international jury selected the winners, who were announced publicly on World Oceans Day, 8 June 2017, on the website, the social media and the events organised by or in collaboration with Mundus maris. https://www.mundusmaris.org/index.php/en/projects/2017/1726-wod17win-all annual activity, again in 2018, 2019 ...
06/2017, 06/2018,...
4 June, Brussels, Belgium: Mundus maris Stand at the Brussels Environment Festival focused on further awareness raising and pledges, Oceans quiz, kids corner etc. https://www.mundusmaris.org/index.php/en/projects/2017/1725-wod17en 8 June, Cameroon: Bnvoles Ocan supported by Mundus maris organized events in Yaound and Douala (on the coast) with four schools/youth centres. 8 June, Senegal: several schools, instigated by Mundus maris, have encouraged pupils to tell stories about the ocean or produce drawings on this year's topic for World Ocean Day mostly at local levels, a few participations in the youth contest. 8 June, Cayar, Hann, Mbour, Yoff, Senegal: Club Mundus maris Sngal organizes in collaboration with the National Collective of Artisanal Fishers in Senegal (CNPS) and Maison Foot (Hann) beach clean ups and traditional wrestling contest for young people. 8 June, Abbassa, Egypt: WorldFish Center organised a youth event supported by Mundus maris with focus on playful collective learning geared at taking action to help the ocean and making commitments against plastic pollution, reef destruction etc. 8 June, Mombasa, Kenya: our partner Eco-Ethics Kenya organised a youth event using information materials of The Ocean Project and supported by Mundus maris. 9 June, Buenos Aires, Argentina: Event at Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, co-organised by Mundus maris and the University, with approx. 50 registered students to celebrate World Oceans Day with science-based talks and for engagement with civil society organisations focused on ocean protection to be repeated / expanded, if possible, in the next years
2017, 2018, 2019
We collect written commitments of help for the ocean in our public events since January 2017 and follow-up every three to six months gently reminding the people of their commitments and nudging them for continuation, if not more right now about 25 people in Germany and Belgium In Victoria Island, Nigeria 100 men and women are expected to be direct beneficiaries in 2018 and follow-up activities in 2019 are expected to consolidate achievements and reach more people.
2017, 2018, 2019
We have participated or are going to participate in several scientific conferences to present research results and publish as well as seeking other outlets (website, social media, talks to interested lay persons, ocean quiz, local theatre and/or sport events in Senegal) Sall, A. & CE Nauen, 2017. Book Chapter about information and research needs of small-scale fishers in relation to bringing to life the Voluntary Guidelines on Securing Sustainable Small-scale Fisheries in the Context of Food Security and Poverty Eradication Springer Book Sall, A. & CE Nauen, 2017. Criminal fisheries practices and their perverse effects in West Africa. Poster presented at the EGU Conference in Vienna, Austria, April 23-28, 2017 Presentation of similar work and workshop at the MARE Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, July 4-7, 2017 Expert panel on Voluntary Guidelines and Geoethics at the EADI-Nordic2017 Conference in Bergen, Norway, August 21-23, 2017 Presentation at the FishBase Symposium, Tervuren, Belgium, September 5, 2017 Panel Discussion at the YOUMARES 8.0 Conference, Kiel, Germany, September 14, 2017 Stand and possibly side event at the PRCM Forum in Conakry, Guinea, Oct. 2017 Support to schools in Senegal, Ghana, Germany, Nigeria and elsewhere, upon demand, with educational materials, fish rulers, on a continuous basis. Continue and expand such activities in coming years
Financing (in USD)
12,000 USD
In-kind contribution
Commitment 1: Resources are mostly voluntary human resources by various types of experts from Mundus maris and volunteers (notably the international jury, but also school teachers and coaches during preparations not all of which lead to youth participati
Staff / Technical expertise
Greatest investment in all four commitments is Staff and technical expertise through mobilisation of highly qualified personnel at no cost to the organization to a total of several thousand person hours/year starting in 2010, every year and expected to ex
Other, please specify
Note that financing above is for all four commitments, without staff salaries, only operational funds for 2017, increase expected in 2018
Basic information
Time-frame: 01/2017 - beyond 2019
FishBase Information and Research Group (FIN), non profit scientific organization WorldFish Center, Abbassa, Egypt, scientific organization Universidad Belgrano, Buenos Aires, Argentina, academic organization Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Victoria Island, Nigeria, academic organization Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA), Akure, Nigeria, academic organization Collectif national des pecheurs du Sngal (CNPS), Senegal, civil society organization Eco-Ethics Kenya, NGO Bnvoles Ocan, civil society organization
Ocean Basins
  • Global
  • Indian Ocean
  • North Atlantic
  • South Atlantic
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
mostly young people in coastal zones taking part in educational, scientific and cultural activities and recipients of our information world-wide
Contact information
Cornelia E Nauen, President, ce.nauen@mundusmaris.org,
Brussels, Belgium
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