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Gift to Our Children! Scaling up locally managed marine areas to 100% of Fiji's customary marine areas
by Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area (FLMMA) Network (Partnership)
Community stewardship and local actions are a universally accepted approach to sustainable growth and a pathway to achieving sustainable development goals and targets. Locally managed marine areas (LMMAs), a globally recognised model of community led solutions to addressing local capacity needs, local health issues, overfishing, rights-based issues, coastal threats and poverty reduction amongst others has its origin in Fiji and is now active in 466 communities and at least 1000s others in 20 other countries globally.

Fiji is one of the leaders in the field of implementing community management to achieve sustainable use and management of coastal fisheries in the region and globally. The Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network (FLMMA), a network of government, non-government and community partners established in 2001 and registered under the Charitable Trust Act since 2004, coordinates this effort.The LMMA process empowers communities to take local actions using traditional and scientific knowledge to develop and implement village integrated development plans that 1) locally manages coastal areas, rivers, mangroves, reef systems and associated marine areas and fisheries, 2) protects iconic and threatened species (such as rays, grouper, turtles), 3) establishes no-take areas, 4) reduces pollution and waste such as plastics, 5) rehabilitates and restores degraded habitats and species, 6) adapts to climate change impacts, and 7) implements working models of community-driven blue economy for sustainable livelihoods, food security and eventually community resilience.

The objective of this commitment is to empower communities to scale up their current efforts to an effectively managed and governed network of LMMAs in all Fijian communities covering 100% of Fijis customary marine areas by 2025. The commitment will compliment government and other partners efforts on marine managed areas; integrated coastal management, coastal fisheries improvements and creating community-based blue economy to achieve SDG targets.
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To create and support a functioning and cohesive community-based, island-based and provincial-based integrated co-management institutions leading the local implementation of conservation and sustainable natural resource management efforts in Fiji by 2020.
To establish an effectively managed and governed network of locally managed marine areas covering 100% of Fijis customary marine areas involving all Fijian communities by 2025.
Financing (in USD)
700,000 USD
In-kind contribution
In-kind Support from government, NGO and private sector partners with community leaders, community champions and community members
Staff / Technical expertise
Staff expertise from government, NGO and private sector partners with community leaders, community champions and community members
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Time-frame: Ongoing - December, 2025
Fiji Locally Managed Marine Area Network (Partnership) Locally Managed Marine Area Network International (CSO) Ministry of Itaukei Affairs (Govt) Ministry of Fisheries (Govt) Department of Environment (Govt) Conservation International Fiji (NGO) Wildlife Conservation Society (NGO) World Wide Fund for Nature (NGO) Global Vision International (NGO) cChange (NGO) Coral Reef Alliance (NGO) The University of the South Pacifics Institute of Applied Science (Academic) Resort Support (private) All the 410 customary fishing right owning units (others) All communities and settlements in Fiji (others) Fiji Pearl Association (private sector)
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  • South Pacific
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Local communities and people especially future generation, Private sector, Fijian public, Fishers, All Fijians Women Youth Children Fiji Government
Contact information
Alifereti Tawake, Technical Adviser , alifereti@livingwealthsolutions.com, +679 9322226
Suva, Fiji
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