United Nations
Care of the Oceans
by World Christian Life Community (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
Make the connection about how our faith calls us to care for our common home, as described in Laudato Si, by Pope Francis
Raise awareness about the pollution of the ocean and detrimental impacts to health
Encourage lifestyle changes in minimizing use of plastics and other products that pollute the ocean

Implementation methodologies
Communicate with liaisons in each of our 70 countries to both share information about best practices re packaging and minimizing plastics as well as collect the stories from those at the local level

Follow-up mechanisms
Sharing the information and stories in our magazine Progressio, on our website, at our World and National Assemblies

We have a UN working group, including representative Joan Woods who resides in NY and regularly attends conferences and committee meetings such as Climate Induced Migration. Another representative is an Ocean Scientist. This working group works closely with our World Executive Council and will coordinate the communication flow between our national communities.

Progress reports
December 2017
Education: Promote use of our CLC ecology materials and Laudato Si, Care of Our Common home. Encourage suggestions for best practices in the family and for advocacy at the local governmental level.
July 2017
Write report on Ocean Conference of June 2017 and our Voluntary Commitment to reducing use of plastic. We will ask the national leadership to share the report with their respective members.
July 2018
Implementation: Work with our world Ecology Commission to develop ways to share, network and collect the stories from local communities of best practices in reducing plastics and other pollutants. Make presentation at World Assembly in July 2018.
July 2019
Our CLC UN Working Group will produce a document of stories, best practices, analyses, recommendations for next steps, etc.
In-kind contribution
CLC UN working group will write this document.
In-kind contribution
Our CLC UN Working Group will write a report of the Ocean Conference.
In-kind contribution
Volunteer leaders will be sharing materials and promoting sharing of stories
Other, please specify
World Assembly is funded by participating delegates and their respective national communities.
Basic information
Time-frame: July 2017 - July 2019
World Christian Life Community - in 70 countries worldwide Global Catholic Climate Movement Jesuit Networking
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REPAM Network of Latin American Catholic Dioceses
Contact information
Ann Marie Brennan, Consultor of Executive Council of Christian Life Community, annmariebrennan@yahoo.com, 201-264-4829
Glen Rock, NJ
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