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Carbon Dioxide in the atmosphere & oceans acidification
by Social Good Summit (Civil society organization)
Major threat to our oceans & planet is climate. change Carbon Dioxide unprecedented levels in the atmosphere are cause of global warming & disrupting weather patterns, flooding, melting ice, rising seas level , droughts, & the devastation of ecosystems at sea.

Oceans as the most effective buffers against climate change conditions , Oceans absorbs more carbon & become more acidic, Due to acidification oceans reduces capacity for absorbing fossil fuel emissions & CO2 . This acidification is lethal for shellfish ,corals, & marine eco system.

#SaveOurOcean should include end dirty fossil fuels dependence as the leading source of carbon pollution in the atmosphere . We use voluntary commitment & social media advocacy to prevent the expansion of offshore carbon emission resources & drilling & supporting the development of clean offshore wind energy as free from fossil fuel .
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July 2017
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Time-frame: July 2017 - July 2017
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