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Provision of subject matter expertise on the application of risk management tools in regulatory frameworks supporting SDG14
by UNECE (Intergovernmental organization)
UNECE with its Working Party on Regulatory Cooperation and Standardization Policies and its Group of Experts on Risk Management in Regulatory Systems (GRM) commits to develop recommendations for governments related to the application of practical risk management tools in regulatory frameworks in support of the SDGs, and with an initial focus on SDG 14.
It achieves this by developing specific recommendations aimed at enhancing the capacity of administrations, communities, and enterprises, including small scale and artisanal fisheries, to identify, assess and cope with multiple and increasing levels of risks and uncertainties, including by developing practical risk-based regulatory approaches for the management of fisheries and marine planning of human activities.
Furthermore, the newly established SDG 14 Risk management Centre of Expertise will advise SDG14 stakeholders and interested parties assisting them in aligning their understanding and aiding subsequent discussion by developing a common risk management taxonomy.
UNECE GRMs recommendations are based on rigorous and science-based risk management methodologies, and aimed at developing and implementing effective adaptation and mitigation measures that contribute to increasing and supporting resilience to multiple risks such as ocean acidification, sea-level rise, and to addressing the other harmful risk impacts on the ocean as well as coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, tidal marshes, seagrass, and coral reefs, and ensure the implementation of the relevant obligations and commitments.
The UNECE GRM is also collaborating with the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) which is leading several initiatives devoted to better understand the relationship between human activities and marine ecosystems within the context of socio-economics while identifying approaches and strategies for operational implementation of the ecosystem approach, ultimately aimed at enabling informed decision-making This collaboration complements the work of the UNECE GRM and ICES as it is focused on key SDG 14 targets such as fisheries management, conservation and protection of marine ecosystem, pollution and climate change issues. This work will lead to a joint symposium in the fall of 2018 bringing together a broad range of management and scientific disciplines to focus on specific targets of SDG 14.
Progress reports
December 2017
2. Establishment of an initial contact of UNECE GRM with the SDG14 team responsible at UN Global Compact for implementing SDG14
June 2017
1. Establishment of a SDG14-focussed risk management standards Centre of Expertise with the aim of providing advice to interested stakeholders (administrations, local communities, small and medium enterprises, etc.) on the implementation of a risk management approach. The UNECE GRM Group Members mentioned above (see point 4) will be supporting the global SDG14 community through Webex calls and specialized advice on demand.
October 2018
4. Development of practical risk management tools (approaches, methodologies/ frameworks etc.) helping both the scientific community and administrations, communities, and enterprises to making informed decisions Work to commence in 3Q2017, with concrete outcomes to be presented in the run-up to and during the October 2018 ICES/UNECE Symposium (see deliverable No. 6).
October 2018
3. Development of common SDG14-related risk management taxonomy. Work on this deliverable will start in 3Q2017, with concrete outcomes to be presented in the run-up to and during the October 2018 ICES/UNECE Symposium (see deliverable No. 6
Staff / Technical expertise
ICES network of scientist and member countries.
Staff / Technical expertise
Newly established Centre of Expertise for SDG-related risk management approaches.
Staff / Technical expertise
Participation in the Team of Specialists will be on a voluntary basis. All members of the Team of Specialists have to be experts of UNECE GRM.
Staff / Technical expertise
UNECE Secretariat to provide staff time and logistical support to the work of the Team of Specialists
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Time-frame: May 2016 - June 2020
United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, UNECE GRM. International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
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organizations involved in regional fisheries management as well as marine planning initiatives
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