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A Plastic Planet
A Plastic Planet (APP) is a grassroots organisation with a single goal to turn off the plastic tap. APP is not focused on recycling, but an absolute reduction in the production and the use of plastic to package food and drink and drive the change towards responsible alternatives. APPs strategy includes raising consumer awareness and generating demand for responsible plastic-free packaging, a pro-business relationship to identify biodegradable alternatives, legislation to enact lasting policy change, and education for the next generation to demand plastic-free choice. APPs first public campaign is to secure a Plastic Free Aisle in supermarkets, inititally in the UK and mainland European countries. APP has four pillars of action.

Action Pillar 1: Mass media to create demand
Since launching in April 2017, APP has achieved extraordinary success with its media campaign for a plastic-free aisle with repeated appearances on primetime TV/ radio and coverage in major newspapers and social media. APPs messages are informed by specialists across key disciplines including health experts researching the impact of plastics on disease outcomes, marine biologists invested in reversing and limiting the damage to our ocean ecosystems and species survival, and manufacturing trailblazers calling for supermarkets to stop using plastic packaging. APP have demonstrated themselves to be skilled communicators and key opinion shapers and the BBC, ITV, the Times, the Telegraph, The Guardian, the Daily Mail, the Huffington Post and the New Statesman have all provided column space and invaluable airtime to the campaign. Two of APPs newest partners with global reach include SKYs Ocean Rescue and The Volvo Ocean Race.

Action Pillar 2: Identifying new solutions with industry
Pillar 2 focuses on finding faster solutions by working directly with the giant food retailers at the top of the production chain. Two outputs include (i) workshops bringing together the major supermarkets, suppliers, packaging firms and cutting-edge design companies to identify solutions and run scalable pilots to demonstrate feasibility (ii) the first, highly visible Plastic Free mark, to be designed and launched by APP to champion brands and retailers who are committed to non-plastic packaging alternatives and help consumers quickly identify plastic-free products.

Action Pillar 3: Educating the next generation
Engaging children as catalytic ambassadors to learn about the damage caused by plastic and to demand the reduction and ultimately the elimination of plastic to package foods and drinks is vital to ensure change endures over future generations. APP is working with existing education initiatives to introduce new interactive age-specific modules and piggy-back these onto channels with wide reach.

Action Pillar 4: Legislating for change
Like other successful global campaigns including the introduction of seat-belt laws, health warnings on cigarette packets and clean air programmes, enshrining reduced plastic production and its use for food and drink packaging into law is a key step to hold companies and governments accountable. Working with dedicated environmental lawyers and the government, APP will draft policy papers as the precursor to new laws enshrining and governing the use of single-use plastics for food and drink packaging.
Progress reports
December 2017
Mass media campaigns to trigger consumer demand for plastic-free food and drink packaging
December 2018
Identification of alternative bio-degradable packaging solutions
December 2020
New legislation governing the use of single-use plastics for food and drink
June 2018
Education initiative to galvanise the next generation
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Media and communications team; design company; inventory of influencers in business, government and bio-alternatives.
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Time-frame: July 2017 - December 2021
Elected cross party government officials (Government); the public (civil society); key universities (scientific community), major supermarket chains (private sector);
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APP's program will benefit anyone who buys their food in a supermarket and the next generation.
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Sian Sutherland, Co-founder, sian@aplasticplanet.com, +44 7768 385 383
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