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Information Technology in Marine life for Kenya
by cad creations ltd (Private sector)
MVUVICARD (fishers ID card) is a SMARTID that registers fishers in each Beach management unit (BMU). Each smartID carries image, biodata, biometrics on both the face of the card an in the memory of the card. This enables fast and efficient identification of genuine fisher by the marine police and border patrol. enhaces security, provides ID and dignity to the fisher and wards of counterterrorism threat in the Lamu Archipelago.

Each Fisher belngs to a BMU and they vet each other. Each Marine vessel will be operated by licensed and SmartIDd fisher in compliance with the fisheries act. Less friction with law enforcers who can verify each vessel and fishers at sea. Each BMU will now create and keep records of the haul from each vessel and attribute it to the correct fisher and hence he reaps the proper benefits of the catch. These records will improve planning, commerce and help protect marine life and coral by study of the data it will show overfishing, size, depletion and if the ingests contain garbage.

rather than use control measure the SmartID is an enablement feature that uses data for safety, security , commerce and preservation.
We maintain a comprehensive cloud based database with information syncronised from individual BMUs via the internet and utilised by the fisheries department to better oversee these distant ports from a single window.

Using BMU clusters makes for easy management, information dissemination, the SmartID is small, unobtrusive and does not encumber the user and it provides a multiplicity of data that is in keeping with GDPR regulations protecting privacy of the individual while at the same time providing usable data.

CAD Creations is an IT firm with nearly 2 decades experience in large or big data system having previously developed for Kickstart International, Women empowerment Link, Political parties and equity bank SACCO.
Progress reports
Smart readers
Integration and adaptation to trade of all above
Interactive database with intuitive User interface
Financing (in USD)
30,000 USD
Staff / Technical expertise
ICT staff, designers, programmers, database administrators, field enumerators and photographers
In-kind contribution
Information and knowledge transfer and training
Other, please specify
using BMU resources for community based approach and govt linkages at county and national govt level
Basic information
Time-frame: October 2017 - July 2019
search for common ground (NGO) Muhuri (NGO) ACT (NGO) KYB (CBO)
Ocean Basins
  • Indian Ocean
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Lamu county fishers.
Contact information
francis munyeki, mr, munyekif@cadcreations.co.ke, 0702 98 96 96
nairobi, kenya
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