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Diving into an Ocean Loving Blue Economy
by Blue Ocean Network (Private sector)
We commit to enhancing impact for a sustainable ocean by tapping into our community of business owners, consumers, scientists, ngo's and artists in the undersea ocean space, ie the diving community.

We will create 3 online blue economy summits that tackle
1. coral reef sustainability
2. sustainable supply chain and consumer offering sustainabilty
3. sustainable experiences and citizen science opportunities.

We will create a guide to help both business and consumer create and choose sustainable marine tourism offerings

We will spotlight entrepreneurs and ngo's who are providing solutions and sustainable pathways to a more resilient future for our blue planet.

We will bring sustainable solutions to our ocean-centric network thru the lens of of Science, Conservation, Industry, Arts, Recreation, Tourism - SCI-ART
Progress reports
Reslient Reef Summit
Ocean Community SCI-ART updates
Resilient Reef Travel Guide
Resilient Reef Community Website
Financing (in USD)
500,000 USD
In-kind contribution
Promotion of Resilient Reef Travel
Staff / Technical expertise
Social Media and Event Mgt Expertise
Other, please specify
Strategic Counseling on delivery of products and services to our Dive Industry based Community
Basic information
Time-frame: 05/2018 - 12/2020
Diving Equipment & Manufacturing Association (Private Sector) Dive Industry Foundation (NGO), Mission Blue (Scientific Community), Blue Mind (Scientific Community), Green Fins (UN Entity), Lykke (Private Sector), Reef Life Restoration (Partnership), Ocean Impact Alliance (Partner), HealthyPlanet.buzz (Partner)
Ocean Basins
  • Global
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Reefbased island destinations where recreational scuba diving is prevalent
Contact information
Laurie J Wilson, Co-Founder, Laurie@BlueOcean.net, 613-859-9507
Ottawa, Canada
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