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Managed Pollution Zone (formerly RePlaROc)
by REXOFT s.r.o. (Private sector)
Managed Pollution Zone (www.ManagedPollutionZone.com, formerly RePlaROc): complete activity line - from removing plastic (MMPW) and other significant pollution from rivers and river banks (most polluted rivers in SouthEast Asia) and oceans through pre-processing the waste till production of much needed products from plastic waste: fuel (heavy oil), electricity, drinking water, septic tanks (lowering the sewage polluted into rivers), low-cost building slabs, 3D printed low-cost houses, asphalt roads with plastic particles added, etc.

The technology components are ready (Czech Republic, Germany, USA, China and others). We design the complete technology line: collecting the waste, sort it, recycle, production of products see above.

Benefits: significantly cleaner rivers and consequently oceans, drinking water locally (pumping from wells using the fuel from the plastic by de-polymerization), de-sewage the rivers, employment of local inhabitants under our management (transfer of technology / know-how, education)

Motivation method for local inhabitants: for plastic waste collected and brought some needed product will be given: drink water, electricity, cell phone charging / data credit.
Progress reports
December 2019
Lower plastic waste in most polluted rivers and, consequently, oceans at the river's mouth
June 2019
Employment of local inhabitats
June 2020
Production of low-cost products for inhabitants in need - drink water, electricity, de-sewage of rivers (septic production from waste plastic)
June 2020
Ecology education, transfer of know-how
Financing (in USD)
50,000,000 USD
Other, please specify
Organizational & promotional locally and globally
Basic information
Time-frame: September 2018 - December 2020
REXOFT s.r.o (Private Sector), consortium in preparation
Ocean Basins
  • Indian Ocean
  • North Pacific
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Contact information
Petr Rektorys, Programme Manager, petr.rektorys@gmail.com, +420 602 219 204
Prague, Czech Republic
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