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by Conservation Action Trust (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
A future India where there is widespread understanding and appreciation of nature and its values, and where the quality of life is better due to our respect for nature being reflected in our institutions and our law.

CAT is dedicated to provide assistance in the form of technical information, legal advice, aid and equipment to all those who are confronting environmental problems. We have been involved in the protection of the coastline of India. Our Executive Trustee was responsible for getting the Government of India to protect the entire coastline of India by drafting the Coastal Regulation Zone Notification in 1988, with the help of lawyers. We have just won a landmark victory for the protection of all mangroves in the State of Maharashtra.

CAT works closely with the Forest Departments and other NGOs that are fighting to protect nature and natural resources. Current campaigns include actively protecting the Mangroves and Biodiversity in India, looking at low carbon future and Renewable Energy in India and ensuring that forests are not distributed to appease industrialists and voters.
Progress reports
February 1991
Protection of the Coastal Regulation Zone
March 2019
Implementation of environmentally freindly Coastal Zone Management Plans
September 2018
Protection of all mangroves in Maharashtra
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Staff / Technical expertise
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Time-frame: February 1991 - December 2030
National Fishworkers Forum NFF (Other Relevant Actor)
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  • Indian Ocean
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Debi Goenka, Executive Trustee, debi@cat.org.in, +91 9820086404
Mumbai, India
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