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Center for Biodiversity Conservation and Endangered Species (CBES)- Viet Nam Marine Megafauna Network
by Center for Biodiversity Conservation and Endangered Species (Civil society organization)
The Center for Biodiversity conservation and Endangered Species (CBES) envision a future where biodiversity, especially endangered fauna and flora in Vietnam, are shielded under science-based policies, evidenced-driven activities and the loves and concerns of public. Our mission are (1) provide scientific evidences to develop management policies and conservation actions for biodiversity in Vietnam, (2) Scientifically and strategically promote endangered species as flagships for biodiversity and environment protections in Vietnam and (3) develop innovative approaches for biodiversity conservations and environmental protections.

We established the Vietnam Marine Megafauna Network (formerly know as Vietnam Marine Mammal Network), which is open to all marine mammal researchers, conservationist and enthusiasts who work within Vietnamese territorial waters. Since its establishment in 2014, the network has reached many experts, researchers and members across the country, connected them with marine biology experts around the world to fulfil its primary mission: to utilize scientific knowledge and technological advances for studying and protecting marine megafauna which inhabit Vietnamese waters.

Beside establishing and maintaining the network, the CBES also conduct multiple scientific research project in collaboration with National Geography, JASTIP-NET, US-Marine Mammal Commission, Conservation Leadership Programmes and Rufford Small Grant to study marine mammal and their habitat in Vietnamese water. Our data provides the baseline for conservation actions regarding marine mammal in Vietnam.
Progress reports
August 2019
Framework to reduce marine mammal bycatch in Vietnamese fishery
January 2019
Enhancing research capability of marine biologists network in Vietnam
May 2019
Scientific publication regarding marine megafauna in Vietnam
September 2019
Developing new marine protected area designs that can protect mobile marine megafauna in Vietnam
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10,000 USD
Financing (in USD)
9,000 USD
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The network of marine biologists in Vietnam
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Time-frame: 01 January 2019 - 01 January 2025
Center for Biodiversity Conservation and Endangered Species (CBES)- Viet Nam Marine Megafauna Network
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