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Create awareness and sustainability action on climate change adaptation and marine litter management along the east coast of India
by CENTRE FOR ENVIRONMENT EDUCATION (CEE) (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
The objective of our voluntary commitment is to create awareness and encourage sustainability actions among the coastal communities (primarily fishers and farmers) along the east coast of India, particularly focusing on climate change adaptation and marine litter management.

This will be done through a climate and marine litter management literacy campaign in partnership with two partner organizations - Academy of Gandhian Studies and AVVAI Village Welfare Society - who in turn shall network with multiple grassroot NGOs, CBOs to implement the campaign activities across 5 coastal states (West Bengal, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Puducherry and Tamil Nadu) along the east coast of India.

The scope is to cover around 250 coastal villages and outreach to a population of around 2.5 lakh people. Beach cleaning through citizen action shall be attempted to cover around 150 km of coastal stretch along the east coast. The key strategy is to create public consultations amongst the coastal community, including local administrative bodies and influence policy and government scheme interventions at grassroot level. Around 20 to 25 pilot demonstrations shall be implemented to address climate adaptation or marine litter management in specific vulnerable locations along the coast. These shall demonstrate the participatory citizen action and influencing governance for sustainable coastal and marine area management. An evaluation and survey shall also be undertaken to identify outcomes and impacts of the campaign and learnings for designing future course of actions, including creating a scope for a common networking and advocacy forum of civil society groups that focus on sustainable development of coastal and marine areas along the east coast.
Progress reports
15 December 2018
3. Around 15 to 20 pilot action projects through participatory citizen action are demonstrated that showcase climate change adaptation in vulnerable areas along east coast
30 December 2018
4. A sample survey is conducted to evaluate the impact of the campaign
30 October 2018
1. Campaign materials are disseminated and training are conducted amongst key NGOs along the East Coast
5 December 2018
2. The campaign is conducted in around 250 villages along the east coast of India and public consultations/meetings are conducted to formulate their local level climate change and marine litter action plan
Other, please specify
Design, develop and disseminate educational and outreach materials for the campaign, including facilitators guidelines
Other, please specify
Funding support from GIZ and leveraging through grassroot presence of NGOs along the east coast
Staff / Technical expertise
Networking and partnership with key NGOs and CBOs along the east coast for coordination and implementation of the campaign
Basic information
Time-frame: 1 October 2018 - 31 December 2018
GIZ (Intergovernmental Organization); Academy of Gandhian Studies (NGO); Avvai Village Welfare Society (NGO)
Ocean Basins
  • Indian Ocean
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Coastal communities along the east coast of India. About 250 villages.
Contact information
SHRIJI KURUP, PROGRAMME COORDINATOR, marine@ceeindia.org ; cee@ceeindia.org, Phone: 91-79-26858002 to 05 Fax:91-79-26858010
Ahmadabad, India
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