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Regional Incident Prevention and Emergency Response Capacity Through Planned Indigenous Marine Response Centre
by Heiltsuk Horizon Maritime Services Ltd (Private sector)
Heiltsuk Horizon Maritime Services Limited is a partnership that brings together the millennia-old stewardship and seafaring heritage of the Heiltsuk Nation with the offshore and marine industry expertise of Horizon Maritime.

Through our shared values and commitment to protecting the marine environment, we are demonstrating how industry and First Nation communities can work effectively together.

We are leveraging our unique experiences and providing the vessels, expertise, and resources necessary to strengthen the ability of coastal communities and the Canadian Coast Guard to respond to environmental emergencies.

We are building the capacity of our regional prevention and emergency response through an Indigenous Marine Response Centre in Bella Bella, B.C.

Together, we are committed to pursuing opportunities to protect our coastal marine environment as we look to build a sustainable future.
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Development of the Marine Indigenous Response Centre
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Land Surveying, Preliminary Engineering, Cost Estimating
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Time-frame: October 2018 - October 2022
Heiltsuk Nation (Partnership)
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  • North Pacific
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Emma Ross, Ms, emma.ross@horizonmaritime.com,
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