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Beach Cleanup
by Temple Reef Foundation (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
Temple Reef Foundation is a non-governmental organisation that takes active part in marine conservation. Apart from running other projects related to marine conservation, reef cleanups and beach cleanups are conducted regularly to ensure a healthy beach and a healthy ocean.
Beach clean-ups are conducted twice every month. These beach clean-ups are aimed at keeping the Rock Beach in Puducherry clean and spreading awareness about marine pollution and how it is affecting the life in the oceans. The objective is to make people understand the reason behind the activity and how a small effort can contribute to a bigger cause.
The volunteers are given a briefing about the reason for the clean-up and the area which they will be covering. The briefing introduces them to the idea of cleaning the beach, harmful effects of wastes that enter the sea, loss of marine life due to plastics and other pollutants and how people end up consuming polluted fish and animals. Directions are given on how to segregate the waste; biodegradable items (paper, wood, etc.), glass and plastics. The number of bags and weight of each type of waste is recorded. The volunteers are given a pair of gloves and a bag in which they can collect the waste. Once the waste has been collected, it is handed over to the municipality.
The volunteers are updated regularly through a whatsapp group and message is spread across through other social media platforms as well. The municipality and the police are informed about the clean-up in advance.

Progress reports
December 2020
reduced plastic waste and less litter on Puducherry Beach
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Time-frame: April 2017 - December 2022
Temple Adventures (Private Sector) Temple Reef Foundation (NGO)
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  • Indian Ocean
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Suneha Jagannathan, Chief operations officer, suneha@temple-reef-foundation.org,
Puducherry, India
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