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Youth & MSP
by Atelier Caravela (Partnership)
The main objective of the strategy is to increase the interest of youth on ocean sciences and especially on the process of maritime spatial planning. The idea is to use comics and cartoons to spread the word about the need to plan the seas, and the global need of maritime spatial planning processes. In the future also make partnerships with comic channels such as television channels.

Today the need of urban planning is obvious. For the ocean is the same thing, and maritime spatial planning is a tool that can support the achievement of the sustainable development goals. However, maritime spatial planning, still a unknown area.

If maritime spatial planning can be communicated with effectiveness between youth, those same youth will care about the ocean in the future. Youth are also the future of the sea, and will be the future planners of the sea. A Maritime spatial planner is a professional that deals with different issues, and will probably be one of the profession of the future. Is necessary to reach youth and kids to make them understand the need for effective planning of the ocean.
Progress reports
December 2019
Partnership with television comic channels
February 2019
First episodes of cartoons
February 2019
Social media channel
March 2019
Financing (in USD)
36,000 USD
Basic information
Time-frame: March 2019 - March 2020
Atelier Caravela (Partnership) Erasmus mundus (Academic Institution)
Ocean Basins
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Youth and civil society in general, future generations
Contact information
Ana Vitria Magalhes, Maritime planner and designer, anavitoriatmagalhaes@hotmail.com, 00351917136637
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