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Protecting Kep Archipelago
by Marine Conservation Cambodia (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
Marine Conservation Cambodia (MCC) is an independent community based NGO with a respected national environmental policy and advocacy role. MCC is committed to:
protecting and restoring healthy and sustainable marine ecosystems, strengthening their resilience
supporting and empowering small-scale fishing communities whos people, for generations, have primarily relied upon local marine resources for their food and livelihoods;
engaging with and assisting to inform local, regional and national levels of the Cambodian government and their associated agencies in the development of sustainable fisheries and the implementation of science-based best practice regulations and management.

MCC's methodology for the respect of this commitment consists on :
- Deploying of Conservation and Anti-Trawling Structures (CANTS), acting as marine life aggregation devices (an artificial reef). They will : (i) enhance the ability of law enforcement authorities to prevent illegal and destructive trawling; (ii) improve water quality in the entire Kep Archipelago; and (iii) provide alternative economic activities for local communities.
- Enforcing national Fisheries Laws by monitoring, reporting and detering Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing.
- Conducting research on Marine Mammals, Seahorses and Seagrass in order to advocate for the implementation of science-based conservation strategies for these endangered species and vital habitat.
- Conducting coral reef surveys, invertebrate and fish population surveys in key locations of the archipelago to monitor its evolution.
- Use collected data to raise awareness among stakeholders, build capacity of Fisheries managers and local decision makers, create science-based management plans for local protected area.
Progress reports
December 2020
Increase of the production of commercial and non-commercial marine species in Kep Archipelago
December 2022
Stop of all IUU fishing in Kep archipelago, focusing on destructive bottom trawl fishery
December 2025
Creation of a science-based body of research for effective, long-term marine management
December 2025
Creation of an extensive network of Marine Fisheries Management Areas, or MFMAs (Cambodias equivalent of Marine Protected Areas, or MPAs).
Financing (in USD)
300,000 USD
Basic information
Time-frame: 01 November 2018 - 01 November 2025
Marine Conservation Cambodia (Non-Governmental Organization)
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  • Indian Ocean
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Contact information
Amick Haissoune, MCC Project Coordinator, seahorseconservation@gmail.com, +855 71 705 8929
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