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Goal 14 Implementation by Ecologists Without Borders
by Ecologists Without Borders (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
The mission of Ecologists Without Borders is to provide ecological assistance to at-risk communities around the world so they can avoid or mitigate, and adapt to, detrimental environmental change. We are concerned with the long-term health of terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems and the human activities and natural processes that affect them. We empower people to live sustainably by conveying ecological knowledge and assistance to areas of the world that face environmental challenges. We believe that hunger, poverty, and strife can be alleviated through the wise use of natural resources, coupled with positive economic and social change.

We promote sustainability by coordinating the efforts of Ecological Service Providers professionals who possess expertise in one or more of the natural science disciplines and who are willing to donate their time and skills to improve the lives of others. The EcoWB expert network comprises a multi-national cadre of biologists, foresters, ecologists, water resource engineers, hydrologists, planners, GIS professionals, and facilitators/ negotiators with experience in natural resource research and management. We focus on developing and transitional countries, where natural resources are exploited and ecological processes disrupted to the point that human welfare is adversely affected.

The effectiveness of Ecologists Without Borders is dependent on our ability to work collaboratively and productively with host communities and other organizations and institutions that share our vision. We invite you to visit our website (http://ecowb.org/) and contact us at info@ecowb.org if you want to become a volunteer or have a problem you need help with.
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We have a large cadre of fisheries professionals who are able to work on FIPs, conduct research, etc.
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Time-frame: 2018 November - Indeterminate
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Cleve Steward , President, cleve.steward@ecowb.org, 2067191260
Seattle, Washington, USA
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