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Mangroves Cultivation and Seawall Protection
by Cochin Social Service Society (Non-governmental organization (NGO))
Cochin Social Service Society stands for poor and deprived people of the country. KLM and KUFF is the program aimed at protecting fishermen and oceans. KUFF (Kerala United Fishermen Forum) aimed at protecting fishermen inhabiting both the coastal slums and islands. Through this program the unorganized and exploited inland women fish workers have been brought under organization frame work with self help groups formed at the base and KUFF as federative setup. An outstanding achievement in this respect could be highlighted to be legitimization of scattered inland fish workers under allied category of fish workers and their enrollment under the provision of statutory welfare fund operated through MATSYFED, a government undertaking.
Mangroves cultivation is one of the main project done through KUFF by the NGO for the protection of the ocean. Other than that giving awareness to prevent plastic from entering the environment. Nearly half of the plastic waste flows into the ocean through the river. So we also give awareness on dumping waste into the river.
NGO gave disaster management classes for the people especially after the tsunami. we have built about 65 houses and 550 latrines for the people who have lost their houses and latrines and also distributed household items for a house like furniture, utensils, cloth ,food materials etc
NGO have organized common people to push the government for the construction of sand bags and sea wall in long height. Fishing promotion is also a program which has been developed by the agency. There are many schemes for the development of fishermen and also for the protection of the ocean.
Progress reports
10 /2006
Construction of sea wall
KUFF (Kerala United Fishermen Forum)
Mangroves cultivation project
Construction of houses and latrine after tsunami
Financing (in USD)
33,333 USD
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Time-frame: 26 November 2018 - ongoing
Cochin Social Service Society (NGO) KLM (Kerala Labor Moment) (NGO) WIDS (Women Integrated Development Society) (NGO) Kerala United Fishermen Forum( KUFF ) (NGO)
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  • Indian Ocean
  • Southern Ocean
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Rev. Dr. Marian Joseph Arackal, Director ( Cochin Social Service Soiety), cssscochin@gmail.com, 0484- 2227217
Fort Kochi , Kerala
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