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The Great Bubble Barrier
by The Great Bubble Barrier (Private sector)
Every year, 8 billion kg of plastic end up in our oceans and causes severe damage to marine and human life. 64% of this plastic is transported via rivers. We have developed a way to stop this plastic from ever reaching the oceans, without blocking ship traffic or hindering fish migration. Our curtain of bubbles brings waste to the surface of a river, where the diagonal placement directs waste to the river banks to collect and remove it. Our 200m Bubble Barrier in the river IJssel successfully collected 86% of the test material over the full width and depth of the river. At the moment, The Great Bubble Barrier is working on a permanent installation in the Netherlands. We are ready for implementation in Europe and we aim to implement outside of Europe in 2022. Worldwide the plastic pollution problem is getting more and more attention, on both local and a national levels. With our Bubble Barrier we are ready to help governments and businesses stop plastic pollution in rivers and canals worldwide.
Progress reports
July 2019
Reduce amount of plastic in Dutch river in urban area
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We work daily on realizing these BubbleBarrier in various rivers around the world.
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Time-frame: February 2016 - December 2024
Climate KIC (Partnership), The Great Bubble Barrier (Private Sector)
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Anne Marieke Eveleens, Co-founder & Chief Operations Officer, annemarieke@thegreatbubblebarrier.com,
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