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Fish Home (Casa dei pesci) Project for the preservation and enrichment of the Maremma Sea
The Fish Home project is the realization of a dream, the dream of Paolo Fanciulli, fisherman of the Maremma region, whose passion for the sea has inspired many battles for the preservation of the marine environment, attracting the empathy of hundreds of people.
Paolos dream is to create a sustainable space between nature and fisheries, between nature and beautiful art, between security and usability; his dream is to create all this at sea, and to bring everyone to 'look into the sea' and discover that there is so much nature and beauty that would normally overlooked - because it is invisible - and because the mare nostrum is plundered daily by illegal fishing, polluted by toxic wastes and detergents, and cluttered with useless or bad projects.
The Fish Home project grows out of long years of battling by artisanal fishermen, against the encroachment of industrial fishing that destroys fish stocks, and even worse, systematically destroys benthic flora and fauna, leaving the seabed looking like a desert. It has evolved with the certainty that along the 8,000 km of Italian coastline, it will always be impossible to enforce the law with any kind of thorough control; the only solution, therefore, is the placement of sculpted marble blocks serving as guardians of the sea.
In conclusion, the Fish Homes project wants to take action to provide complete protection from illegal fishing in the entire area, to create better support for restocking fish in shallow and deep water, to create an artistic and cultural path that can be a factor for the seaside tourism and diving - i.e. a trail on the sea environment for a cultural tour of the most beautiful site along the coast, and to create a 'marine garden art' with artistic marble sculptures and installations in snorkeling and diving sites.
The Fish Home project, promoted by Paolo Fanciulli has led to the Committee for the Fish Home, which has already found the operative support of Planet Life Economy Foundation and is aggregating a large number of cultural associations and environmental organizations (WWF Italy, Italia Nostra, For Planet, Solidarity Purchasing Groups, Greenpeace, etc.), industry associations and sporting clubs, and private individuals, with additional interest from throughout Italy and from Germany, Sweden and USA.
The Fish Home project provides all that is needed to make 'a dream become reality', because the Maremma country is 'the place of the heart' for an incredible number of world citizens.
Progress reports
24 marble marble sculpted blocks already placed
25 more marble sculpted blocks
25 more marble sculpted blocks
25 more marble sculpted blocks
Financing (in USD)
50 USD
Other, please specify
Private donation of marble blocks; contribution of sculptors
Basic information
Time-frame: September 2013 - June 2022
Casa dei pesci
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IPPOLITO TURCO, presidente, INFO@CASADEIPESCI.IT, +39 3487120615
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