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Together for marine wildlife
by Centro de Rehabilitación de Fauna Marina del Parque Nacional Machalilla (Government)
Our main objective is the rehabilitation of marine wildlife on the coast of Ecuador (mostly sea turtles, sea birds and sea lions). Also, by determining the causes of beachings/strandings of the animals, we identify focal groups such as fishermen and school kids in who we aim to create awareness, and this way reduce the strandings and human induced death of marine wildlife.

To achieve this, the animals found stranded on the beach or in the sea with hooks/nets are brought to the Center where they are checked by the vet and the treatment or procedure varies depending on the diagnose. They stay in rehabilitation as long as it takes them to recover (weeks to years), and are tagged when released. If the animals are found dead on the beach, or die during care, necropsy is done on them to determine the cause of death. This way, through diagnose and necropsies the factors causing their stranding/deaths are identified and followed up. In order to create awareness, the focal groups are taken to the Center, witness releases, and given tours and talks where the problem and its solutions are discussed. Hopefully, along the years, the problems will reduce.

Progress reports
By 2020, sustainably manage and protect marine and coastal ecosystems to avoid significant adverse impacts, including by strengthening their resilience, and take action for their restoration in order to achieve healthy and productive oceans
Type of commitment
  • Integrated Coastal Management
Increase scientific knowledge, develop research capacity and transfer marine technology, taking into account the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission Criteria and Guidelines on the Transfer of Marine Technology, in order to improve ocean health and to enhance the contribution of marine biodiversity to the development of developing countries, in particular small island developing States and least developed countries
Type of commitment
  • Scientific, socioeconomic and interdisciplinary research
  • Scientific cooperation
A report on the the cases tended, their cause of stranding, successful rehabilitations and releases.
Number of visits/talks adressed to focal groups and the results obtained from the socializations
Financing (in USD)
45,000 USD
In-kind contribution
The center recieves help from WildAid, who has donated pools for the turtles, surgery tables, between other expensive items.
Basic information
Time-frame: December/2018 - December/2023
WildAid (ONG) Centro de Rehabilitacin de Fauna de Marina del Parque Nacional Machalilla (Government) Ministerio del Ambiente (Government) FIAS (ONG) Conservacin Internacional (ONG) Hostera Mandala (Private sector) Mingas por el Mar (ONG) ESPOL (Academic Institution)
Ocean Basins
  • South Pacific
Beneficiary countries
Other beneficaries
Turism Hotels Local communities
Contact information
Rubn Alemn, Doctor en Medicina Veterinaria, Especialista en reas protegidas., ruben_suk2@yahoo.com, 0987499199
Puerto Lpez, Ecuador
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