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Building Communities of Ocean Action on Marine pollution

6 Dec 2017
At The Ocean Conference, held in June 2017 at UN headquarters in New York to further implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 aimed at conserving and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources...

The Ocean Action Newsletter #2 is online

9 Nov 2017
To follow-up on the implementation of the over 1,400 Ocean Conference Voluntary Commitments...

Check the new Ocean Action Newsletter

3 Oct 2017
On 12 September 2017, Secretary-General António Guterres appointed Mr. Peter Thomson, President of the 71st session of the General Assembly, as his Special Envoy for the Ocean.

The UN follows up on the Ocean Conference Voluntary Commitments for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14

7 Sep 2017
In June 2017, at The Ocean Conference, 193 Member States of the United Nations committed to a set of ambitious measures that will begin the reversal of the decline of the ocean’s health. The Conference outcome document - Our Ocean, Our Future: Call for Action - together with close to 1,400 voluntary commitments for concrete action made by governments, the United Nations system, civil society organizations, academia, the scientific community, and the private sector, marked a global breakthrough in the management and conservation of the ocean, and for advancing implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14).

SDG Advocate Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden joins global effort to save our ocean

12 Jun 2017
“Do what you can, do it wisely, and most importantly do it now. A healthy ocean is not a luxury item. It is a necessity for survival. And taking care of the ocean means taking care of ourselves”, Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden said.

Countries set to agree on decisive and urgent actions to restore marine world to health as Ocean Conference concludes

9 Jun 2017
Universal agreement on need for measures to reverse ocean deterioration. The 193 Member States of the UN are set to unanimously agree to a set of measures that will begin the reversal of the decline of the ocean’s health as the 5 day Ocean Conference concludes this afternoon.

Lighting FAO blue to mark World Oceans Day

8 Jun 2017
World Oceans Day was an idea that arose at the 1992 Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and was adopted by a United Nations General Assembly Resolution in 2008.

It is celebrated each year on 8 June, and this year’s theme is “Our oceans, Our future.”

IISD Coverage: Daily Highlights of the Ocean Conference

8 Jun 2017
On Wednesday, plenary continued the general debate. Member States drew attention to institutional developments for implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development; highlighted commitments to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing and to increase coverage of marine protected areas (MPAs) in their territorial waters; and stressed the importance to fully implement the Addis Ababa Action Agenda on financing for development and proceed with subsidies’ reform.

Press release - SG opens Ocean Conference, calling on countries to set aside short-term gain to avoid catastrophe

5 Jun 2017
Warning that the special relationship between people and the ocean that brings untold benefits for life is under threat as never before, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres told the opening of the Ocean Conference that the problems of the ocean—all created by human activity, can all be reversed and prevented with decisive, coordinated action

Press Release - More than 600 commitments received

2 Jun 2017
Surge in voluntary commitments for ocean action as Conference to halt ocean degradation set to open.
More than 600 commitments received; countries agree to Call for Action

Press briefing to preview the Ocean Conference

1 Jun 2017
Peter Thomson (General Assembly President) and Wu Hongbo (DESA) on previewing the World Ocean Conference (5-9 June 2017, UN Headquarters) - Press Conference (1 June 2017)

Ocean Conference Newsletter May 2017

15 May 2017
Member States, NGOs, academic institutions, businesses, philantrophies, civil society organizations, the scientific community and UN entities continue their mobiliziation to accelerate efforts to #SaveOurOcean

Blog: Putting those shiny new labs to use on the Nansen

12 May 2017
This first leg of the voyage began in Casablanca and will continue along the coast of Morocco.

Sampling of the pelagic ecosystem is taking place - ranging from shallow water to 500 meter-depth.

Blog: In Casablanca, the new Nansen celebrates its first research voyage

11 May 2017
On 8 May, the new marine research vessel the Dr. Fridtjof Nansen was feted in Casablanca, Morocco, before departing on its maiden research voyage along the coast of northwest and western Africa.

Blog: In Cabo Verde, a week dedicated to promoting African Blue Growth

4 May 2017
This week in Mindelo, Cabo Verde is being dedicated to sharing experiences and sparking discussion about how to promote Blue Growth policies and investment strategies across Africa.

The UN celebrates first ever World Tuna Day

2 May 2017
Many countries depend heavily on tuna resources for food security and nutrition, economic development, employment, government revenue, livelihoods, culture and recreation.

Press Release: 80 commitments received to date

25 Apr 2017
A growing number of countries, businesses and civil society groups are stepping forward with new commitments to improve the health of the world’s oceans in advance of The Ocean Conference that will take place at United Nations Headquarters in New York from 5-9 June.

The Chairman´s Conclusions and Meeting Report of the Oceans Forum on Trade-related Aspects of SDG 14 are now available

24 Apr 2017
The Oceans Forum provided a platform for a dialogue on policies and actions on trade related aspects of Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14.

Morocco: A maritime fishing nation works to develop its aquaculture sector

13 Apr 2017
A recent meeting in Rabat, Morocco brought together government officials, industry and academia representatives and aquaculture officers from FAO in support to the development of aquaculture in the country.

Listen: World Ocean Festival will kick off major UN conference in June

11 Apr 2017
To kick-off a whole week of action devoted to the high seas in June at UN Headquarters, the organization will be joining forces with New York City in hosting the World Ocean Festival.

Making commitments to save our ocean

11 Apr 2017
Healthy oceans are critical for sustaining life, eliminating poverty and promoting prosperity. The time is now to move from words to actions to conserve and sustainably use our oceans, seas and marine resources.

UN announces first-ever World Ocean Festival

11 Apr 2017
The UN announced that the inaugural World Ocean Festival will kick off the week-long event, with activists and enthusiasts taking to the streets – and waterways – of New York City to raise their voices to reverse the declining health of our oceans

President of the UN General Assembly addresses Ocean Issues in Senegal

27 Mar 2017
The President of the General Assembly, H.E. Peter Thomson, met today in Dakar with the H.E. Oumar Gueye, Senegal’s Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, to discuss Ocean issues.

Blog: treasure or tragedy – our ocean commons

23 Mar 2017
The sea was a bit too choppy for my liking. But there was a volcano erupting inland. The sea looked like a safer option! I took the plunge and jumped off the boat with my snorkel and fins.

Around me was a new world. So serene, so many layers...

Healthy oceans are needed for a sustainable future

20 Mar 2017
Yet mankind has put the oceans at risk of irreversible damage. Overfishing, ocean acidification, increasing pollution, unsustainable coastal development, and the unwanted impacts of extracting resources have resulted in a decreasing abundance of marine species as well as decreasing economic benefits to small island developing States and Least Developed Countries.

Blog: ocean acidification – what it means and how to stop it

14 Mar 2017
What is ocean acidification, and why is it so important to ocean sustainability and therefore to the SDG agenda?

New podcast: looking ahead to The Ocean Conference: safeguarding life below sea

23 Feb 2017
The Ocean Conference is being convened by the UN in June, as a call to action for Member States to conserve the world's seas, and advance Sustainable Development Goal 14, which focusses on safeguarding all marine life and ecosystems.

Our Ocean, Our Future from BioQuest Studios on Vimeo.

Peter Thomson

29 Oct 2018
Peter Thomson addresses the Inter-regional SIDS Partnership Dialogue (Apia, Samoa; 29 Oct. 2018)

Peter Thomson

17 Oct 2018
Peter Thomson to Summit on Climate Change for Local Governments (Rapa Nui, Chile; 17-19 Oct. 2018)

Peter Thompson

11 Oct 2018
Peter Thompson's remarks to "Indian Ocean: Defining Our Future" (Colombo, Sri Lanka; 11-12 Oct 2018)

Peter Thomson

09 Oct 2018
Peter Thomson's remarks to the Tri Hita Karana Forum (Bali, Indonesia; 9-11 Oct. 2018)

Shereen Reda (Egypt)

08 Jun 2017
Egyptian actress Shereen Reda on the occasion of The Ocean Conference

Cody Simpson - UNDP Ocean Advocate

08 Jun 2017
The health of the world’s oceans is under threat, with 40 percent heavily affected by human activity, including pollution, over-fishing and loss of coastal habitats.

Port State Measures Agreement to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated fishing

08 Jun 2017
(FAO) celebrates the one-year anniversary of the entry into force of the Port State Measures Agreement to Prevent, Deter and Eliminate Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing (PSMA)

UNFAO headquarters in Rome lights up in blue to mark World Oceans Day

08 Jun 2017
FAO is illuminating its Rome headquarters in blue at sunset today ( 8 June 2017) as part of a World Oceans Day campaign to raise awareness of the critical role played by the world's marine resources in combating, hunger, poverty and in ensuring sustainable development.

Lang Lang (China)

07 Jun 2017
Lang Lang, world-renowned pianist and UN Messenger for Peace, on the occasion of The Ocean Conference

Celina Jade

07 Jun 2017
Celina Jade on the occasion of The Ocean Conference

Hiroko Kuniya (Japan)

06 Jun 2017
Ms. Hiroko Kuniya, FAO National Goodwill Ambassador for Japan, on the occasion of The Ocean Conference.

Sakana-kun (Japan)

06 Jun 2017
Sakana-kun of Japan on the occasion of The Ocean Conference

The ocean and us - BBC Earth

06 Jun 2017
This film, produced by the BBC, has been presented at the opening of The Ocean Conference

Don Cheadle, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador

31 May 2017
Don Cheadle, UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador, shows his favorite spot in nature

Jack Johnson talks about ocean pollution

23 May 2017
Jack Johnson talks about ocean pollution for the #WorldEnvironmentDay

Champion swimmer Ning Zetao calls on everyone to help #SaveOurOcean

02 Jun 2017
Champion swimmer Ning Zetao calls on everyone to help #SaveOurOcean

Turning the tide to #SaveOurOcean

31 May 2017
Our ocean is in serious trouble and the deterioration is increasingly posing a danger to people’s lives, livelihoods and well-being. On 5 June, the Ocean Conference kicks off in New York with a clear purpose of reversing this trend, presenting concrete solutions for healthy oceans and seas.

The new Nansen research vessel sets sail

11 May 2017
The third ship launched in a unique partnership between Norway and FAO. A state of the art research vessel that will collect and analyze data in the ship's laboratories using sophisticated technologies to help coastal developing countries manage their fisheries and protect marine environments. The only vessel in the world to fly the UN flag, will set sail to address climate change and work towards achieving SDG 14.

Blue Growth Charter in Cabo Verde

03 May 2017
FAO identified the African island nation of Cabo Verde to become a pilot country for implementing the Blue Growth Initiative. The government adopted the Blue Growth Charter, which serves as a framework for all policies and investments related to the development of a sustainable ocean economy.

UNESCO proposes a Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development

07 Apr 2017
Our ocean is under pressure because of pollution, CO2 emissions, over-fishing, etc. There is one UN plan for the ocean (SDG14) but there are many stakeholders. They all need science to understand the impact of their activities on "our blue home".

Amb. Dessima Williams, Special Adviser at SIDS Preparatory Meeting for the Ocean Conference

30 Mar 2017
The Small Island Developing States (SIDS) Preparatory Meeting for United Nations Ocean Conference on SDG 14 got underway in Jeju, South Korea this morning. Co-organized by the Division for Sustainable Development

The Ocean Conference will be a 'game changer' for the international community

22 Mar 2017
Ahead of the UN Ocean Conference in June 2017, UN chief of Economic and Social Affairs, Wu Hongbo says the Conference will be a ‘game changer’ and a chance for the international community to raise awareness about the importance of the oceans.

Ocean Conference – first step for governments to commit to save oceans by 2030

22 Mar 2017
Ahead of the first-ever UN conference on oceans, Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin says the international community should share knowledge, technology and support developing countries on issues related to oceans.

Register your voluntary commitment now!

11 Mar 2017
Peter Thomson, the President of the UN General Assembly, urges everyone - individuals, groups, organizations or governments - to register their voluntary commitments for the Ocean Conference

Clean Seas Campaign

22 Feb 2017
By 2050, there could be more plastic than fish in our oceans. UN Environment is launching the #CleanSeas campaign on February 23, 2017 to turn the tide on plastic. Visit www.cleanseas.org for more information.

A Man-made Tragedy: The Overexploitation of Fish Stocks

21 Feb 2017
Fish is an invaluable resource for food security, export and income generation.

The world must 'take action fast' to safeguard the planet's oceans

16 Feb 2017
In preparation for a UN conference aiming to help safeguard the planet's oceans, the PGA said the world must take action fast and the June conference will be a ‘turning point’ in history for protecting the ocean.

The Ocean Conference

10 Feb 2017
The Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO is proud to support the UN Ocean Conference in New York from 5-9 June, 2017.

Why this Indonesian fisherman risked it all

16 Sep 2016
More than 70% of Indonesia’s coral reef is severely deteriorated due to human activity

Informal Briefing

13 Dec 2016
Click here to watch the informal briefing by the President of the General Assembly on the Ocean Conference

Panel Discussion on The Ocean Conference

15 Feb 2017
Ms. Cristina Gallach, Under-Secretary-General for Communications and Public Information, moderates a Panel Discussion on The Ocean Conference

Press Conference in Marrakech

15 Nov 2016
Press Conference in Marrakech
June 2017
Mar 2017 - Meeting to support Small island developing States in preparing for the Ocean Conference on SDG 14
15 Feb 2017 - Opening of the Preparatory Meeting
Pictures (1 February 2017)

Informal briefing by the co-facilitators on the preparations for the preparatory meeting for the United Nations Conference to Support the Implementation of SDG 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development

Presentation of the Secretary-General’s background note for the preparatory process of the UN Conference to support the implementation of SDG 14

The Ocean Conference announced at COP 22 of UNFCCC
Pictures of the Press Conference at COP22 in Marrakech

H.E. Mr Peter Thomson, President of the 71st session of the General Assembly

H.E. Mr. Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, Prime Minister of Fiji

H.E. Ms. Isabella Lövin, Minister for International Development Cooperation and Climate of Sweden, and Deputy Prime Minister

Mr. Wu Hongbo, Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs

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