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Sustainable Blue Economy Conference

The Sustainable Blue Economy Conference is the first global conference on the sustainable blue economy. Over 4,000 participants from around the world are coming together to learn how to build a blue economy.

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Communities of Ocean Action
Coral reefs
Implementation of international law as reflected in United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea
Marine and coastal ecosystems management
Marine pollution
Ocean acidification
Scientific knowledge, research capacity development and transfer of marine technology
Sustainable blue economy
Sustainable fisheries
Progress updates of Voluntary Commitments
Progress update
Strengthening regional cooperation for the protection of the marine and coastal environment in the Northwest Pacific, #OceanAction17490
05/2018: Annual meeting of the NOWPAP Special Monitoring and Coastal Environmental Assessment Regional Activity Centre agreed on the preparation of a Regional Action Plan on Marine and Coastal Biodiversity Conservation. 06/2018: NOWPAP launches a special project: Monitoring and Assessment Methods for Microplastics Pollution led by the Chinese Re [more]
Progress update
Reef Life Restoration Smart Substrates for Super Corals, #OceanAction15440
An interdisciplinary team of expert scientists has joined their efforts to develop these technologies, with the common vision of rapid deployment world-wide to protect and recover global coral populations. Dr. David Vaughan provided the coral spawn seeking elements of colour and mineral diversity, while Reef Lifes design team created the surfacing [more]
Progress update
Enhancing global ocean acidification monitoring and research, #OceanAction16542
The Global Ocean Acidification Observing Network (GOA-ON) has been involved in numerous activities in 2018 through increased capacity building efforts, upgrading its data portal, and fostering collaborations within the ocean acidification (OA) community. Capacity building achievements have involved the growth of the GOA-ON Pier2Peer program, a scie [more]
Progress update
Neptune: The New Ocean Award, #OceanAction14885
In October 2018, Ocean Exchange selected Coral Vita (Bahamas) to receive its 2018 Neptune Award. Sam Teicher of Coral Vita attended Oceans Exchange and pitched his solution in front of our delegates from business, industry, government, and NGOs. \r\n\r\nIn October 2017 we similarly awarded the Neptune Award to the Wing Trawling System (Alabama, [more]
Progress update
Raise Awareness about the Ocean and Take Action, #OceanAction21244
We organised similar activities for World Oceans Day 2018 as the year before with events on three continents: in Argentina, Belgium, Cameroon, Nigeria and Senegal. https://www.mundusmaris.org/index.php/en/projects/2018/2050-wod2018-en\r\nThis year we were blessed with a particularly high turn out and participation, particularly in Belgium and Camer [more]
Progress update
Technical assistance on issues related to market access and trade-related aspects, #OceanAction22226
In 2018, UNCTAD, FAO and UN Environment organized and hold the Second Oceans Forum on Trade- related aspects of SDG 14. The Forum identified challenges and opportunities that sustainability and further integration of the seafood value chain and related services within the framework of the oceans economy. The Forum was Chaired by Mr. Peter Thomson, [more]
Progress update
Towards an ecologically representative and efficiently managed network of Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas, #OceanAction20344
(i) The 2016 Forum on MPAs in the Mediterranean was co-organized by the Specially Protected Areas Regional Activity Centre (SPA/RAC of UNEP/MAP: the Mediterranean Action Plan) and the network of MPA managers in the Mediterranean (MedPAN), with the support of the Moroccan High Commission for Water and Forests and the Fight against Desertification (H [more]
Progress update
Promote information and Implementation of the Voluntary Guidelines for the sustainability of small scale fisheries in the context of food security and poverty eradication., #OceanAction14945
The First National Congress of Small scale fishers and mollusk gatherers was organized in Costa Rica. Called by the Marine Responsible Fishing Areas Network and CoopeSoliDar R.L, with the support of the Costa Rican Pastoral of the Sea and CANEPP (National Chamber for Fish Export), INAMU (National Institute of Women), INFOCOOP (National Cooperative [more]
Progress update
Restoration of the Mexican Pacific coral reefs using natural remediation techniques, #OceanAction26333
To date, over 2,000 coral have been "planted", giving a second oportunity to this coral colonies, all of them of the branching coral of Pocillopora genera, considered the one with the highest coverage and distribution in the region. We have presente a high survival rate (90%), an attachment rate of 2-3 months (depending on the sea water temperature [more]
New Voluntary Commitments
New Commitment
CASA DEI PESCI, #OceanAction28342
Fish Home (Casa dei pesci) Project for the preservation and enrichment of the Maremma Sea The Fish Home project is the realization of a dream, the dream of Paolo Fanciulli, fisherman of the Maremma region, whose passion for the sea has inspired many battles for the preservation of the marine environment, attracting the empathy of hundreds of peopl [more]
New Commitment
Bottlenose dolphins in the Sicilian Channel. Increasing knowledge through research activities and People awareness on the marine environment conservation , #OceanAction28338
Goal: Associazione Me.Ri.S. aims to increase dolphins protection in the Sicilian Channel through two coordinated activities. The first, is to increase scientific knowledge about bottlenose dolphins inhabiting waters off Agrigento Province. The second, aims to raise awareness of people about the importance to protect cetaceans and their environment [more]
New Commitment
Small-Scale Fisheries Academy in Senegal, #OceanAction28293
With active support of different professional associations organising people along all aspects of the value chain in the sector, academic partners and encouraged by other civil society organisations, upon proposal of Mundus maris asbl, the organising committee invited a wide array of sector stakeholders to the inaugural session of the small-scale f [more]
New Commitment
Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators' Clean Seas Project, #OceanAction28230
The Association of Arctic Expedition Cruise Operators (AECO) is an international association for expedition cruise operators in the Arctic and others who support our vision of responsible, environmentally friendly and safe tourism in the Arctic. AECO has signed a memorandum of understanding with the United Nations Environment Programme and is contr [more]
New Commitment
Plastic Pollution Prevention through the development of Sustainable sport events and voluntary beach clean ups., #OceanAction28210
π³=Plastic Pollution Prevention, an organization based in Greece, has two main goals; to prevent and restore the marine environment from plastic pollution. The part of prevention is to inform and raise awareness to the world in the use, reduction and recycling of plastic, while enhancing Circular Economy. Our aim is to achieve this through [more]
New Commitment
The Great Bubble Barrier, #OceanAction28192
Every year, 8 billion kg of plastic end up in our oceans and causes severe damage to marine and human life. 64% of this plastic is transported via rivers. We have developed a way to stop this plastic from ever reaching the oceans, without blocking ship traffic or hindering fish migration. Our curtain of bubbles brings waste to the surface of a rive [more]
New Commitment
Beach cleaning project on the Swedish west coast, #OceanAction28186
Ren Kust is a joint venture between all local authorities in Bohusln with the following objectives: 1. To collaborate with a view to develop the Environmental Protection Agency for the Bohusln shoreline and archipelago based on sustainable financing. 2. To establish a partnership structure able to utilise and manage contributions offered by busin [more]
New Commitment
Turtle Excluder Device implementaiton in Malaysia, #OceanAction28158
We introduce Turtle Excluder Devices to fishers and government agencies and get these installed in shrimp trawl fisheries to reduce the accidental capture of endangered sea turtles, leading to more sustainable fisheries. In 2017 four Malaysian States made the use of TEDs mandatory in shrimp trawl fisheries, and we are now working to get the rest of [more]
New Commitment
Community-based sustainable development of the Sundarbans coastal ecosystem in Bangladesh, #OceanAction28128
NGO CCEC (REGD 1085) is registered by the NGO Affairs Bureau, government of Bangladesh with vision, mission and value as follow: @Vision: Community-based sustainable development of the Sundarbans coastal ecosystem in Bangladesh @Mission: Environmental sustainability of the Sundarbans coastal ecosystem and poverty reduction of climate-vulnerab [more]
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